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TT501 error

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Hello, I have now for the second time in recent experience had the issue of the TT501 too many recipients error. This now stops all emails from my account.


The error reads: 

[recipient] on 20/06/2021 21:59

            Server error: '453 4.1.1 v4WMlxESw2YhL Too Many Recipients (TT501)'


I have to send emails to a list of recipients for a community group I am involved in - there were 32 recipients to the email I tried to send (and will need to send in the future). Is there any way of this being fixed so that emails do not cause this error? I think from other posts I am now locked out of my account for a 24 hour period.


When this happened earlier in the week, I should say I subsequently started receiving the TT502 error. In that period earlier in the week, the error started after trying to send an email that had only 15 recipients (and four recipients were shown in the error). 


The problem then compounds, as I am now prevented from sending emails with even one recipient - the same error occurs. 


Also oddly, this only happens on Outlook. When I send test emails now from my iPhone, the error does not happen and they send through straight away - despite the error continuing on Outlook.


Can anyone help me please as to how I protect myself from this error (or potentially how I make the iPhone settings apply in Outlook so it never happens) - this has only started happening recently on a new laptop using Outlook and I've never experienced it before. But to face the issue of being locked out of my email account unable to email anyone from this computer, and potentially at risk whenever I send an email that has a seemingly undetermined 'too many' number of recipients, is becoming quite frustrating! I use a email address (that I have specifically paid to continue using as a webmail only service). 


Thank you in advance. 


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Hi BenjaminC, it looks like Gondola has answered your question. Please let us know if you need anything more.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi @BenjaminC 


Just to clarify that TalkTalk Mail is an email service to complement a home broadband package and usage is for typical home messaging.


There are rate limits for recipient numbers per hour and per day. From what you say is your typical usage then so long as you're in the UK I wouldn't expect you to trigger the rate limiters.


If you get a TT501 temporary stop on sending it's because the per hour limit was exceeded. The rate limiter will be fully reset in an hour after the last successful send. A TT502 temporary stop on sending is because the per day limit was exceeded. The rate limiter will be relaxed between 1 and 24 hours and assuming no sending for 24 hours will then be fully reset.


The daily limit is pretty generous. Unless you've been sending hundreds of mail messages from the UK then it's possible your mailbox has been compromised.


I would suggest that you check your security and upgrade your mailbox password just as a precaution. This is to lock out someone that's using your mailbox to send out unauthorised mail.

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