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TalkTalk Customer Moved To Fleur

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We are in the same position as Benby - but it took a while to realise. This is because when we received the email from Talk Talk on 09/10 I thought that Fleur was a Talk Talk service (as when the broadband service was transferred in 2015 we were advised that our Talk Talk service was being managed and supported by Fleur).


In addition when I registered on My Account (as suggested in the email) it indicated that we had a Broadband only service. It was only when we received the reminder email on that I looked into it more closely and realised that Fleur was not Talk Talk and our tiscali email would change on 19/11, and we could not get Talk Talk broadband.


Before I discovered that Talk Talk broadband wasn't available to us. I looked into how we could deal with the situation given that our Fleur contract runs until 01/20. At that stage I thought we would take Talk Talk Plus until 01/20, transfer to Talk Talk broadband and then cancel our subscription to TT Plus. However the FAQ tab on the TT Plus page indicates subscription finishes when you close down your last TT email address - so it appears this may not have worked.


We have had our Tiscali email for over 15 yrs so closing it down is not a trivial matter. For us I'm not sure what it provides over and above one of the free alternatives - so at the moment I think we will try and leave by 19/11, or run TT Plus for a short period while we sort out the admin attached to closing it.


It seems to me that the TT email should make it clear that those broadband customers who were transferred to Fleur by TT are caught by the changes to TT email - otherwise I suspect there will be some who, like me will think they are unaffected.


For those who are unable to transfer to TT broadband the notice of the change seems unreasonably short.


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It's my job, but you're most welcome. You're helping us improve our service by providing the feedback and that's greatly appreciated. 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply much appreciated Benby

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I've asked the project to look into the links not working for us.


Thanks for sticking with it until you managed to get it sorted. 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Not is the 2015 letter - which I still have
Over and out

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I expect that was it thanks anyway it all seems OK now.

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Hi Brompton 


I am absolutely sure that OCE_Ady will be interested in your feedback.


There were some 108,000 broadband customers that had their broadband service transferred in 2015 to Fleur Telecom as those customers were outside of the TalkTalk network coverage.


Fleur Telecom does not offer any email service so the new Fleur Telecom customers were advised via the Fleur Telecom website to choose a free Microsoft or Google mail product as an alternative to TalkTalk webmail.

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I have explained why I thought I was still a Talk Talk broadband customer after I was advised that "your broadband service will soon be managed and supported by Fleur Telecom" in 2015. In addition I didn't have to do anything regarding billing - the direct debit continued without my input.

Clearly if I had paid more attention since then I would have realised that this wasn't the case - my point is that if Benby and I were under that misaprehension then many others are likely to be in the same position. I would have thought the implications of this would have been of interest to whoever is managing this process at Talk Talk.

As previously explained I can't get Talk Talk broadband and will be changing email provider.


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Hi Benby


It's quite possible that the sign up link was blocked by your email client software or virus protector add-on but good when accessed via an Internet browser i.e. going via TalkTalk Mail (webmail).


I'm more comfortable now that you are fully signed up and it's all working as expected.


I had a moment then when the came crashing down out of the sky as fast as the Orionid meteor shower.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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I am not sure how I managed but I did go directly to the website because I couldn't get the links to work ( maybe my Broadband ). Maybe via my webmail account because although I am not a TalkTalk customer anymore I do have TalkTalk email addresses and a webmail account. I tried a few different things like the TalkTalk website and webmail account so I am not sure which one actually worked. But I did sign up for the year ( £50 ). Thanks.

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Hi Benby 


That's very thoughtful of you.


I'm sure OCE_Ady will be interested. Where did you find the sign up for Mail Plus on the TalkTalk website?


I can see you got a confirmation back of signing up for Mail Plus. Did you opt for the £5/m or £50pa option and set up a Bank Direct Debit?


My understanding is that Mail Plus sign up's are personal and via the email invitation only. I just wish to make sure that you are fully subscribed and that you don't find in a month or so that you're not and your mail service is restricted. 

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But they didn't work yesterday before I registered either. I only managed to sign up by going directly to the TalkTalk website and not using the Email. I checked mainly to see if it was a fault with my broadband and to try and be helpful to let you know if the link was faulty. 

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Hi @Benby 


Just out of curiosity... why?


The first button requires a broadband customer MyAccount... you don't have one.


The second button, presenting the mailbox address... will not proceed when the address is already associated with the Mail Plus MyAccount that you've successfully registered.


But hey, thanks for the feedback. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Just out of curiosity tried both links in this invitation to sign up email again today but both still not working not sure if its my poor broadband or TalkTalks email but I thought I would let you know.


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It took me ages I pressed pretty much every button not much was working and what did worked very slowly. I still say that the website was not very easy to navigate unless you are a TalkTalk tech bod, the links in the start up email neither worked, the welcome email arrived almost immediately but the account was not active for about an hour but apart from that five stars.


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Hi Benby 


Exellent news. The right buttons pressed and a little bit of patience and you're in!


Thanks for taking time out to let us know. Your feedback is always good.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Hi Gondola

Just to let you know I managed to get in to the TalkTalk Plus site and set up my email accounts this morning. The site was slow loading but that could be my slow broadband or the 100s of ads that hit you when you open the page. Might be worth mentioning on the welcome Email that it might take an hour before you can use the account because I expect many like me will try and use the account as soon as the email arrives ( within 5 Mins of signing up ). Thanks for your help.

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Hi Brompton
I had been a TalkTalk customer for about 8 years then out of the blue I was transferred but like you I thought Fleur was another part of TalkTalk. I even contacted TalkTalk about a year later about spam emails and it took a few phone calls before TalkTalk even noticed I wasn't a customer, once that was sorted out I found out TalkTalk no longer offered a Broadband service in my area, they had just moved me to Fleur Telecom. Perhaps they should have informed us when their service was ending then we could chose who we moved to.

I agree about the notification about TalkTalk Plus is not clear that's why I put a post on here last week for information. But it gets worse if you read all my posts from yesterday I was messing about trying to set up a TalkTalk Plus account on and off for six hours yesterday. It looks like its all been thrown together in a hurry.


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Hi Brompton


@Brompton wrote:...There will be plenty like me who believe that they still have a Talk Talk broadband service (due to the way that the transfer to Fleur by TT was originally described...)

You acknowledge that there was a transfer of service to Fleur Telecom - what did you think was being transferred?  Do you get any broadband bill from TalkTalk?


Are you one of the customers outside of the TalkTalk network coverage transferred to Fleur Telecom in 2015 or a former OneTel customer using Indirect Dial Access?


As for the advisory email about TalkTalk Mail Plus I believe it does make it clear that action is needed by TalkTalk broadband customers to add email addresses to an active MyAccount or for non TalkTalk broadband customers to subscribe to a Mail Plus MyAccount if you wish to keep using a TalkTalk mailbox.


But equally, you're free to set up a free mail account.  Fleur Telecom's advisory - choose Microsoft or Google products. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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To me this looks like a PR disaster in the making. There will be plenty like me who believe that they still have a Talk Talk broadband service (due to the way that the transfer to Fleur by TT was originally described and an inclination not to look at the detail since)  and My Account suggesting that they still have TT broadband.

As previously mentioned the TT email needs to state that customers who were transferred to Fleur by TT will lose their email unless they take action.

I am  setting up an alternative free email - which looks at lot easier than trying to stay with TT!


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Hi Gondola
I have left it until tomorrow I have been trying on and off for hours to set up this account. I'm not the most tech savvy but I am not an idiot either and it hasn't been easy. The last time I tried to sign in it accepted my log in details the screen flashed preparing account details, preparing bill, preparing dashboard then it went back to the log in page. That could be my slow broadband or TalkTalk have launched TalkTalk Plus when they are not ready. I will send you the next instalment tomorrow. Sleep Well Benby