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TalkTalk Email from Overseas / Abroad - Receive but unable to reply or send

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It appears that there are limitations imposed upon legitimate Talk Talk eMail users when visiting certain countries / geographic regions - this includes (at least) TalkTalk, Tiscali and Onetel mail addresses. Not only that but customers are unable to login to their TalkTalk account nor access the TalkTalk Webmail platform from the those countries/ region.


Strangely, there is no problem reaching this Community!!

Sadly there is no explanation or advice on the topic within the account management interface and this includes, most importantly, naming the countries / regions where one is likely to encounter the issue. I think it reasonable to take into account that many customers will not be technically ‘savvy’ and certainly would not be searching a ‘Community’ web interface.

Furthermore there is no clear explanation as to why this issue exists in the first place. From a customer perspective, I wish to access all services seamlessly and without unreasonable constraint.

I am currently holidaying on Mauritius and have encountered what I consider to be very unreasonable constraints in being to respond to / send emails via the Talk Talk mail platform. For approximately 6 days there were no problems and then outgoing mails were persistently rejected for the reason of ‘too many recipients’ (even when there was only one). I resorted to identifying a local ‘friendly’ SMTP server and regained a limited ability to send / reply (certain mail domains were rejected as ‘undeliverable’). Note that my mobile service charges £1.49 per minute for making / taking a call here on Mauritius and so, given past experiences with the usual CS centre, I was not at all disposed to communicate via the mobile network. 

Ultimately I was forced to subscribe for an Outlook.Com account - notwithstanding the issue of it not being my usual mail address - it functions perfectly with no apparent limitation or constraints. NB: It was the only way I could send an eMail to TalkTalk! 

I have a few questions that I believe merit answers:-

> Why does the Talk Talk mail platform currently have the constraints as described

> Why are/were they not published in a transparent manner so that customers know in advance

> When will the described constraints be removed and if not.

> When will a customer manageable interface be provided that can confirm ‘up front’ that their will be used abroad and limit the constraints.

> How about providing a WhatsApp enabled support number 


Other major services can still function (eg Outlook.Com) - is that they do not care (unlikely) or do they have a most robust network security management (possibly) and/or they have a different risk level management perspective?





Retired IT specialist and a past European Network Services Manager for a very large corporate


Support Team
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Hi valentda, as Gliwmaeden2 has covered most of this there's little to add. It's all down to spam, countries considered safe mean no restrictions countries that are known as the origin of spam are restricted. Gondola is right that you won't experience these problems with the big independent free mail providers. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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@valentda, for several years there have been limits due to general levels of spam from certain locations (rather than your individual email account) and the locations may vary so it's probably a moving feast - hence no guidance. 


For travel abroad, it's best to use the free webmail services, eg hotmail  / gmail etc, rather than anything connected with a specific UK ISP.


(These ISP email addresses cease to be free after a certain time, when you leave the provider, so you then lose access or have to pay a fee to keep them going. Much more complicated than hotmail etc.)


One fallback can be to simply set your Talktalk webmail to automatically forward to eg gmail, so that you don't miss anything when you go abroad  - yes you would need to know to do this in advance. Then you could send your replies from your forwarded address.


What's App is popular - but some people steer clear of that, so probably not a straightforward solution for everyone. 


You are able to post here because it's not email....!


Any responses you get from here by email are for notification purposes only - No Reply. 


Staff will reply more fully!


Basically, yes it's a problem, but many people simply switch to the alternatives. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.