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Talktalk mail marking read messages as unread

First Timer
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Since Tuesday, the my TalkTalk email adress has started to mark previously open and read messages as unread (i.e. In bold type, and the Inbox number updated).


Support told me nothing known, to clear the cache etc. I had done this but tried again anyway, same result. I normally use Firefox, and have found that it can sometimes behave differently, so used Opera as well, same result. It looks like it is browser indepenent.


Manually marked the messages as unread, they grey out but upon refreshing the Inbox the issue returns!  Any ideas out there? There seem to be a couple of similar issues, but no fix .




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Hi Soapster. Sorry to hear that you're suffering too.


In my case the problem went away after a few weeks, but now it's back again. This is the 3rd time in the last year.


I'm thinking about switching to a new mail provider because of this, but it's such a hassle to change email addresses that I'd have to wait for a time when I'm not so busy.

Richard Wein

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I've been having the same issue - I use 2 Tiscali email addresses. One is fine, the other has gone haywire. Around 2wks ago it decided to deliver a backlog of mail going back months that I'd never seen. I cleaned up the inbox and deleted a load. What's left keeps being marked as unread.


They've been "read" via Outlook (IMAP settings) and also via a phone email client (also on IMAP settings). I've no idea what's going on and I like to think I'm a bit tech savvy...


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Hi John, if you add the affected email address to the private notes section of your community profile I can run a repair for you. 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Hi Richard,

Logged on this morning and the system has returned to normal, i.e. the read messages are remaining in the unread state. This seems to have started yesterday, as I looked at my mail then closed it down. Can it be a coincidence that we are both seeing something different? I have done nothing but log in. Very strange


As per dates, the issue was only present on messages from 20th Feb onwards, nothing before was having this issue.






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Some more details that might help in investigating the problem...


For the last 18 hours I've had all my email clients shut down, and only used web mail. I've continued to get emails being returned to unread status. (But I haven't had any deleted emails reappearing, another problem I had for a while.)


The emails that keep getting returned to unread status seem to be all the emails I've received since midday on Saturday 17th Feb, plus one email received on Wednesday 31st Jan . I can't see what's so special about that one email.


Note that this problem has been going on for a couple of weeks or so, and I've had emails from other dates marked unread too. But at the moment it seems to be affecting just those dates.

Richard Wein

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Thanks for that, John. In my case it seems to be just recent emails too, but it's been going on for a couple of weeks and I haven't carefully monitored over time which emails have been affected. However, I've certainly noticed some emails that been marked unread over and over again.

Richard Wein

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Hi Richard, I am indeed reading my mail in a web browser normally reached via a favourite as, same as I have been doing for years. The interesting thing is that it only marks messages since Tuesday as unread, it ignores any message previous to that!





Team Player
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Sounds similar to the problem I'm having, with no solution yet.


It sounds like you're reading your mail in a web browser. Is that on the Talktalk web mail page? I ask because, if so, it confirms that the problem has nothing to do with the mail clients I'm using.

Richard Wein