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Talktalk mailbox not working in email client or webmail, other mailboxes OK

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My main TalkTalk account (broadband and telephone) has 3 email mailboxes and addresses, two Tiscali ones dating back to when Tiscali first offered ADSL broadband in my area, and one TalkTalk address I added at the beginnning of July. I had always used POP3 up until then, but changed the two Tiscali addresses to IMAP and used IMAP from the get-go with the TalkTalk address.


Evening before last (Wednesday) I started getting authentication failure for the TalkTalk mailbox in my email client. Checking with Webmail, something is very wrong at the TalkTalk end. With webmail, it appears to accept my username and password, but the mailbox page only has content down to the grey bar across the screen that has the logout link in it. Below the line, therte is no column on the left with the Check New Mail, My Mail Folders, Manage Folders etc in it, and nothing in the rest where e.g. a mailbox's contents would be displayed. There is absolutely NOTHING below the grey bar with the logout link - just white space. It has been like this, authentication failure with the email client, accepted  login but totally blank webmail since Wednesday evening.


My two mailboxes, however, work fine both with the email client and via webmail, apart from about an hour last night (Thursday) when the email client logins failed but they were normal in webmail - and after an hour the email client login started working again. Same with a mailbox in a completely different account - fine apart from an hour last night in the email client.


So something has gone wrong just with my mailbox that (a) isn't my email client as the mailbox is not workng in webmail either, even though it accepts the webmail login, and (b) isn't a general problem as it isn't affecting my and mailboxes.


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Profile already had the phone numbers. Have added all my email addresses, noting which is the account login one. The problem is just the one talktalk mailbox.


This is weird: I generally use Firefox, and it was in that I had the blank webmail view of the talktalk mailbox. But trying it now in Chrome it does display normally, which I really wasn't expecting since the two and one mailboxes show up fine in webmail in Firefox. What on Earth is making the talktalk webmail page not work in Firefox while the and webmail pages are fine?


Anyway, to redefine the problem slightly:


My talktalk mailbox has been rejecting my email client login since Wednesday evening, and showing only a blank webmail page in Firefox while (now, at least - can't speak to whether it was working earlier or not) working in Chrome. There has been no such problem on the mailboxes on this account, or on the ukgateway mailbox on a different account. With the email client, authentication is failing - it's not just something going wrong with the syncing since it is not getting past authentication.


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Hi @DavidB-E


Please ensure your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your TalkTalk landline phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and add the talktalk email address in the Private Notes box and save changes. The TalkTalk Community support OCE will then be able to link to your TalkTalk service account and email account.

My best diagnosis of the symptoms is that a mailbox repair may well fix the issue you're seeing.  But I would also like you to try swapping browsers. For example if you use Firefox then try Chrome or vice-versa.

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