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Thousands of old emails being downloaded

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Today my wife's email account downloaded over 5000 emails. I know that this happened a few years ago to some people but I want to bring it to the attention of the OCEs that it is happening again.


My own account has not been affected in the same way.


Anyone else experiencing this?


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I would certainly welcome the posting of a statement shortly. A technician rang me earlier and we had what I very much hope will turn out to have been a fruitful discussion. It really is not the case that this situation will only occur once in POP, as I can testify personally. And from what I have been reading in the community forum and online elswhere, I cannot be alone in this. Indeed once one begins to understand the limitations of POP3 then it is very evident that it CAN happen again. Not for the first time I am not impressed by TalkTalk's provision of misinformation. 


More usefully and correctly, it can be stated that all of TalkTalk's technicians plus Email Admin should be aware (though past performance suggests they mostly are not aware) that there is a cap on the number of emails that can be held within Webmail's inbox. I accept that they may be unable to put a figure on that cap, though perhaps it will turn out to be the case that they can. Also I suspect it is possible that data protection laws or suchlike would prohibit them from being able to delete en masse emails in the inbox, if instructed to do so by a customer. That is something TalkTalk must explore and then be crystal clear about. It follows therefore that customers themselves will have to be pro active in reducing the number of emails in the webmail inbox, by one means or another if they wish to both resolve their problem and prevent it recurring. Currently this is not self evident to customers, even after seeking assistance  from TalkTalk.


To that end I expressed to the technician my firm view that TalkTalk staff at various levels need to be retrained and made fully aware of this cap with its consequent repercussions when exceeded.  Proper and helpful advice needs to be given to customers contacting TalkTalk in future, and often in sheer desperation quite frankly, as to how the customer should set about both rectifying the problem, then avoiding it happening again in future. Perhaps too there should be a detailed FAQ made available online covering this topic, which can also then be emailed out to customers seeking assistance. The technician was in agreement and promised to take this whole matter and my comments forwards.


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Once we have a statement things will be made much clearer for you. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. 

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Thanks for the update.


It's strange that it only happened to one of our POP accounts and it would be the one with by far the most emails.




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I'm told that it's something our Email Admins were aware might happen to those using POP and it should only happen once. I hope that offers some comfort, I expect we'll have a statement or sticky to post shortly. 

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Hi Ady


I've added the information you requested although I have it all sorted for the moment.


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I have added email to my profile. As far as I am concerned I have now resolved the problem for myself, though it has taken up a lot of my time as it did last year. Proper technical help from TalkTalk could have avoided the recurrence this year. No technician has called me since the 13th when I reported the problem again, not even when escalating it with Chief Office. Altogether not impressive. Nevertheless in the background a technician is clearly trying to do something with my Account because within the last half hour my emails would not download to the email client nor could I access my webmail being told (incorrectly as my system remembers it) that my password was no longer valid. Matters have now righted themselves once more - until the next time that is... I can see myself having to ring up TalkTalk as I had to last year simply to say leave the Account alone now please, your meddling without seeming to know what you are trying to achieve is making matters worse not better!


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I need anyone affected to add the affected email address/es to the private notes of their profiles and post back please.

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Hi Stoker, is your wife using POP, what devices, clients and OS is she using? I've asked the email admins to investigate, but they'll need details to find a start point. 

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Thanks for your reply ArkRoyal


I tried deleting emails using webmail at 50 a time but soon got fed up with that.


After trying various approaches what I did was to change the settings on Mail on my wife's MacBook Air to delete messages as soon as they were downloaded. I then let Mail download all the messages (again) and deleted them en bloc. Once that was finished I deleted the accounts on the MBA, her iPhone and iPad. 


I switched off all the devices and started them up again, adding the email accounts back on to each device.


This seems to have worked although I will wait until tomorrow before I am sure.






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Best I can suggest is for you to first select the page view to show 50 emails - maximum possible. Then tick the box in the task bar that appears at the very top and to the left of sort by high priority messages. This will tick all 50 emails for you at one go, which you can then swiftly delete in one action. (The task bar referred to is only visible when there are emails in the inbox, not when the inbox is empty.) You may also be interested to read the following in order to avoid your problem from recurring.


For the benefit of readers I found the following advice very helpful, having posted my problem on several threads relating to the same topic.


wgcuser (Problem Solver) posted a new reply in Email & Webmail on 16-02-2018 01:08 PM :

Re: Unstoppable Repetitious E-Mail Downloads - OCE advice

A friend recently had the same problem with their email - which they use Windows Live Mail (2009 era, I think) on a laptop upgraded to Windows 10.

When I got involved there were many 1000's of old mails coming into the Inbox!

When I used WEBmail to delete these mails they did not reappear in the WLM Inbox after it had been cleaned up.

Obviously to load 5000 mails into Webmail and delete -even after increasing the display size  to 50 per page was tedious, so I looked for an alternative.

I noticed that WLM, although set to POP protocol was retaining mails on the server, so I reset the options to delete after dowloading to WLM (my friend only has one device for emailling)

Having restarted WLM the old mails reappeared, but after an hour or so these seemed to stop and I selected all mail in the Inbox and deleted then cleared the Deleted folder.

Touch wood, the problem is solved:-

Looking at Webmail shows new mail in the Inbox .

Start WLM and they appear in that Inbox.

Restart Webmail, Inbox  - EMPTY!




Re: Unstoppable Repetitious E-Mail Downloads - OCE advice (TalkTalk Community Subscription Update)

eddy7073 (Conversation Starter) posted a new reply in Email & Webmail on 16-02-2018 01:24 PM :


Re: Unstoppable Repetitious E-Mail Downloads - OCE advice

The link above gives some ideas to stop this, it may or not be applicable but worth a look.


WLM 2012, I loved it, however it stopped working following MS removing support, it appears there are so many variables to this problem although I have never had it myself.


I now use a live email account with Outlook office 2010 and last month following some problems with office 2010 I looked at upgrading to Office 2016, this is quite expensive however amazingly I found on Amazon UK Office 2016 (Genuine copy) for £14 with a lifetime licence, I now use Outlook 2016 no problems at all, next best thing to WLM 2012.



Along with a message of thanks to the above I recorded the following: 


Five days later no call back from a technician – therefore just as well I posted this recurring – and apparently common problem for TalkTalk customers - onto the community forum. It is now obvious to me that one way or another the Webmail inbox has to be cleared of emails in future – either by deletion or transferring to a dedicated folder. And that the quickest way to ensure deletion in future is to change settings within the email client so that emails are automatically deleted once they have been downloaded.


It remains a great pity however, as I know only too well from various conversations with TalkTalk technicians last year on this specific problem, that none of them even begin to explain to you how the problem might best be resolved. Same when they return an answer to you via customer services or Chief Office; the default answer typically being to blame the problem on your email client, then say they can do nothing more to help you if you can already send and receive emails OK within their Webmail.  It really is time TalkTalk got their act together on this one.




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My wife's account is now up to 8000 emails dating back to the start of 2017.


I've tried deleting accounts on various devices but when I re-add the account the emails just come back again.


Deleting them through webmail is very slow.


Does anyone know of a way of deleting emails in bulk?




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Yes, nor is it the first time it has happened to me either. Problem all week; I have well over 5000 this time that want to download to my email client. This situation is not new for many of TalkTalk's customers, as it has gone on for years - what are they going to do about it? Their default always seems to be to make you wait it out 3/5 days then tell you it is the fault of your email client - which I know not to be the case having previously checked it out with my email client's designer. As long as you can access their Web mail and send/receive OK from there, then essentially TalkTalk do not want to know. Waiting for call from a technician at some point but not feeling very hopeful that they will provide a solution.


Last year this deluge of historic emails happened because I reported an email problem to TalkTalk (in either receiving or sending), and in their efforts to rectify this problem they created another without even warning me this might happen. The additional problem of historic emails keep re downloading continued until I stressed that I wanted them to stop tinkering with my Tiscali Account. No further problems arose on that front until now that is, and whilst I am still in discussions with their Chief office over another significant but unrelated to email problem.


Is there anyone else out there currently experiencing thousands of old emails downloading?




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Yes  -  just received 1096 old emails, some dating back to last July!