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Tiscali AND LineOne failures on TALKTALK server

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A few days ago you reinstated my receipt of lineone mail on ail clients which had been wrongly removed by TT as I am a TT broadband customer (under my Tiscali email) with the lineone account registered in my account.  For a few days this has worked, using the TT server on Thunderbird, but still the old Tiscali server on Samsung Mail.  So today I changed the Samsung Mail server over to the TT server per the recommendation. All settings are correct per your guidance.

Testing showed I could not send from the lineone address on the TT server, and I have wasted a lot of time checking.

I now find that on both Samsung Mail and Thunderbird I cannot send using the TALKTALK server for BOTH the lineone or Tiscali addresses. I appear to be receiving Tiscali emails, or at least I have received some this morning.

I have seen the pinned message in community and the tip on service status to update settings to the  TT server and to another poster Ady has said " If you want it working quicker change your mail settings permanently to for inbound and for outbound and it will work perfectly." Unfortunately this is not the solution. Thanks in anticipation.


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I'm glad to hear this is working. Unfortunately I'm not aware of the root cause, we were just advised that this should be resolved.




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Sorted 2.30pm. Do we know what caused this loss of service?