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Tiscali email account suspended

First Timer
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Hi, I have seen this issue on your forum and I have had this issue since 23rd April 2018, I’m hopping someone may be able to help. Without any notice my tiscali webmail account has been suspended. This account has been my primary account forever and is linked to most of my key daily needs. I have now talked to customer services 3 times 25/27 April and 3rd May and to date nothing has been resolved. each of these calls say they need original information from when I set this account up and on what landline etc.... I have no idea and believe that I got this account when I worked for Caldwell Communications. Every call has said they will escalate the issue, on the 25th they said someone would be in contact with me within 24hrs, the 27th they said up to 72 hours and the on the 3rd... they said it was due to SPAM being generated, this is rubbish, insulting and unprofessional, just like suspending my account without speaking with me first. I tried to log in to change my password, that is when it says this email address is not recognised...again I have had it for years how can it not be recognised. The last call I made I said if it is not resolved I would be writing a letter of complaint to TalkTalk and the Regulator, but I’d thought I’d try the forum 1st. Any support help would be appreciated. Thanks


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Hi Albawolf, that's great. Thanks for posting back to let us know it's sorted.

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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All done after speaking to customer services and technical support for over an hour I finally got a new password that allowed me to access my account. Still don’t have an answer as to why the stopped it, but that is the least of my worries......


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Hi Chris, it gets worse, Customer Services called my mother today and asked to talk to John Edwards re email, my mother rightly said they couldn’t as he has passed away... I have repeatedly told customer services that my Web mail has nothing to do with the account my father had and to call me. My mum is now upset as the anniversary of my dad’s  passing was today...what re they playing at. I’m currently on hold to talk to customer services as I type I will let you know how it goes, please if there is anything you can do I’d be greatly appreciative.



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Hi  Chris, no I’m not a Talk Talk customer and as the email is suspended the My Account is by default suspended as it is not recognised as a valid email.


Support Team
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Hi Albawolf,


Are you currently a TalkTalk customer? If you are then is the email address showing in My Account?