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Tiscali email address concerns

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Hi I'm looking for some help and advice please. I have my broadband with talktalk and have tiscali email accounts, what do I need to do, if anything to continue to keep my email accounts as i have received emails saying they are going to be deleted. Thank you.


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Hi @Taylormade10 


That's perfect. All mailboxes added to an active broadband MyAccount or MailPlus MyAccount (for ex-customers) are safeguarded from deletion.


Once the system recognises that a mailbox is added to a MyAccount then the TalkTalk Mail messages should also cease.  It may take a while for the next trawl through for 'orphaned' mailboxes so those messages may not immediately cease.


But your mailboxes are now ok.


Just in case it's not been done do sign in to TalkTalk Mail for each mailbox in turn and check via the main settings menu top right on the header (triple line icon or cog icon on mobile) and select Update your reset details. Check your alternative email address and mobile number are up to date just in case you need them for password recovery.

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That's great, thank you so much I have already done that, phew panic over. X

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Hi @Taylormade10 


As you're a TalkTalk Consumer broadband customer then TalkTalk Mail for your tiscali mailboxes (up to 5 mailboxes in total) is free.


All you need to do is add those mailboxes to your broadband MyAccount.


Managing your email in My Account 


How to add your tiscali mailboxes to the MyAccount


Manage TalkTalk Mail in MyAccount - My Services Menu.png



Manage TalkTalk Mail - Add an existing mailbox.png



Select Add an existing mailbox and follow the instructions. i.e. enter the first part of the email address, select the tiscali domain from the drop-down and select Add


If your mailbox appears in My Mailboxes then job done.


You can relax.


If there's an error message it's likely that the mailbox is associated with a former MyAccount so will require TalkTalk attention to release it from that MyAccount.


Let us know how you get on.

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