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Too many receipients error

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I keep getting this error message :

"Message could not be sent to the following recipients: obscured for customer security (453 - 453 4.2.0 Gos2iU04KdF3A Too many messages (TT601)")

To cut questions short:


- I'm located in London

- I' send around  5 - 10 messages a day usually to one  or two recipients.

- I receive  20 - 30 messages a day

- There is no suspicious activity on my account as I check it twice a day.

- I get this message both from Live Windows Mail and from Web mail.
- I'm logged to my Web mail only from one device (laptop)


It gets more and more annoying and random.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi @michalprzybysz 


Are you sending from the TalkTalk network or connected to another Internet Service Provider's network?  What's your sending domain i.e. the domain part of your email address, for example


The too many messages error is a temporary error.  It's usually triggered by either exceeding a rate limiter or by including recipient mailboxes that are not available. 


The rate limiter on the TalkTalk network and for network authenticated sending is usually 50 recipients an hour so way in excess of what you believe your mailbox is sending.


TalkTalk does from time to time see problems sending to hotmail addresses and it's difficult to verify that a hotmail mailbox is available as the microsoft server doesn't allow simple verification.


If you're just having trouble with the one hotmail address you might try sending a message from another email account e.g. Gmail to hotmail to prove the mailbox is available.

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