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Trying to link Tiscali email address

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I've had the BlueMail app on my current phone (Moto G8 Power Lite) for a while now, somehow got through the IMAP/POP stuff at the start when setting it up, and it's always worked fine. I've been using the BlueMail app for years and years, with previous phones. I check my emails pretty much daily with no problems.

However, since yesterday, it has not been syncing at all for some reason. Nothing has changed, my end. WiFi is good and strong, have turned off WiFi on phone to switch to data and back on again and have plenty of storage on my phone, I've restarted my phone, not sure what else to do because I haven't changed anything for it to come up with the error message:

'Sync failed, your username or password may be incorrect (3010)
Email server returned: "NO [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED], Authentication failed." '


Today I saw that I received an email from TalkTalk saying that my account is now limited because they're moving stuff around. As I'm a TalkTalk customer, I could link my account, so I went to link it. But, when I go to 'add an existing email' (my Tiscali email that I use daily but has now been limited - the email address used to log in to here is a different one when it was set up), it doesn't add it and says either the email address or password is incorrect. I checked the password on my Google account Passwords thing and so I entered that but still doesn't recognise.

Am I doing this all wrong? Is this a BlueMail problem or a TalkTalk problem? All I want to do is link the Tiscali account I'm using on BlueMail through TalkTalk as it's asking me to do, so I can use my email address properly again.


It seems like BlueMail is working fine, just isn't syncing anymore or recognising me. It sounds like because my account is limited by TalkTalk, it's affecting BlueMail syncing? Please help, I need to access my daily emails asap!





Vintage Grrrl in a modern world...

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Hi VintageGrrrl, do you have an active TalkTalk broadband or TalkTalk Mail Plus account? If not your mailbox may have been limited to prevent you from using mail clients.


You can sign up for TalkTalk Mail Plus now.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Nice one.


We appreciate you taking time out to let us know all went well.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Thank you so much! I double-checked everything and it added it, finally! I went back into BlueMail but it still didn't sync so I went into the updated messages I had received in the downtime and there was an email from BlueMail support, letting me know how to change/input the incoming/outgoing port/connection stuff. Your solution combined with that bit of extra BlueMail info fixed it! Very much appreciated!  

Vintage Grrrl in a modern world...

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Hi VintageGrrrl 


I guess you got a mail message headed like this:



TalkTalk for Everyone





And you got that because the email address it was sent to is not added to your TalkTalk Consumer customer home broadband MyAccount.


Assuming you have a spare slot in your MyAccount, My Mailboxes list from the 5 available mailbox addresses then you will be able to add the email address to your My Mailboxes.


 Email not showing in My Account


So first you need to sign in to your customer MyAccount using your normal MyAccount login credentials. Your MyAccount email address and password. 

  1. Log into  My Account
  2. Select My Services from the toolbar
  3. Choose Manage TalkTalk Mail from the menu
  4. Below the list of My Mailboxes, is the option to Create a mailbox and Add an existing TalkTalk Mailbox
  5. Select Add an existing address 
  6. Enter the first part of the email address you're adding to your My Mailboxes list and select the relevant email domain ending from the dropdown selection. Then enter the corresponding password for that email address
  7. Select Add. You will receive confirmation that the changes have been successful


Manage TalkTalk Mail Feb2021.png


Let us know if that's now successful.  If there's an error message, let us know what it is.


But assuming all went well you'll find that the limiting will come off and your Bluemail will work as normal.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

 Like below to appreciate my help . . . Best answer is + Accept as Solution