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Trying to set up my ****** email service on my mobile phone

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New mobile phone - ever simpler/quicker, in some respects, to set up.

I have a gmail email address which is handy for opening surveys TalkTalk doesn't support and others bits and bobs. 

My main email address however is the talk talk's (first email I have used and the one I feel most familiar with).

Don't bother much with viewing emails on my mobile (prefer using laptop). In case where I may need to be refer to an email when away from laptop I forward relevant email from TalkTalk email address to my gmail email address, which is always straight forward to install on a mobile.

Yet to ever succeed in setting my email address on my mobile. 

Thought I might give it a try on this new mobile but still hitting a glitch somewhere along the 3 step process - do I select Imap or Pop,  when I give password for email is that same password I use when accessing email on laptop?







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Hi nicky62, it's good to see Gondola's been helping as normal. 




Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Um...probably not!


"Yes" just means you need to enter your correct email password. But entering the correct email password that's linked to the email address will work just fine.


Any problems, just say.  Still here to help you.

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Thanks so much Gondola 🙌🥇

Will give this a try

Saying yes to password, opposed to giving actual password, very likely will make all difference ;

If I continue to be stuck, I'll return with further detail

Thanks again 

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Hi @nicky62 


Almost all email apps now automatically set up an IMAP email account and all you need to enter is the talktalk email address and its password. Yes, same password for signing in to TalkTalk Mail via an Internet browser.


So on the mobile tap the email app and if using Gmail select the triple line menu and scroll down to Settings

  • Select Add account
  • Select Other
  • Enter the email address and tap NEXT
  • Select Personal (IMAP) account if asked
  • Enter the email password (tap the eye to view the password) and tap NEXT
  • Settings should verify ok and the email account set up

If necessary you may need to use / check Manual settings to double check things like the server names and ports are exactly as given here (incoming mail can be prefixed by mail or imap):


Account Type  IMAP (recommended)
Password Yes
Incoming mail server
Incoming Port 993
Incoming Security Type SSL/TLS
Outgoing SMTP server
Outgoing Port 587
Outgoing Security Type STARTTLS
Require sign-in Yes


Let us know if that's good.

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