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UKGateway email not working since upgrade

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No emails have come through my old UKGateway email since 17/03/19.  The last message was from TalkTalk re upgrading.  As a test I have sent emails to this account today from my other accounts but still nothing is coming through.


I do not have a TalkTalk account and only access the account via webmail.


How do I get this sorted.






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Hi lkbondqltr 


I'm pleased that you're back in action and have recovered access to your email account.


Have a great weekend.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Thank you for the quick reply. 


This ukgateway address came with purchase of my pc through Gateway.


Used the base log in and it directed me to the "new" inbox.   Folders and mail are all there.


Years ago I used to sign in under the base name, then it was changed to signing in under the alias or email address. 


In that instance as with this, no notification was sent on changes.


Communication is not TalkTalk's strong point hence my preference for a different email


Many thanks for your help.  Much appreciated.




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Hi @lkbondqltr 


UKGateway customers were given a base account email address and password and allowed to create email aliases. You've previously signed in to the UKGateway email account using an alias.


The mail upgrade applies just to the base account email address.  You now need to sign in to your UKGateway base account via the Webmail TalkTalk Mail sign in using the base account email address and the base account password.  The UK Gateway mailbox created on the new TalkTalk Mail platform will still receive emails sent to any linked email aliases.


Just use the base account sign in from now on.


You can still continue to use the UKGateway mailbox with email clients and email apps. Here are the recommended settings: Email settings - IMAP or POP3 scroll down to and expand the UKGateway section. Best to set up with IMAP account settings if you use multiple devices.


With any existing email clients and email apps you probably just need to change the Username and Password to the base email address and base password.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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