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Unable to block unwanted emails

Mike Sant
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I too have been plagued by unwanted emails and I am fed up to the back teeth with receiving emails on Bitcoin, CBD and Cannabis Oil. I have also received the TalkTalk award email which is so amateur nobody should be fooled. I have reported all these to TalkTalk and apart from the automated response they keep on coming. I am well aware that these people keep changing their email addresses to circumvent being blocked although the logic of this escapes me as if you did not want the first email why would you want the tenth? Can my account not simply block key words such as Bitcoin, CBD and Cannabis Oil?


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Hi Mike Sant 


I see you've posted on another thread asking TalkTalk to do the blocking for you.


Mike Sant wrote:...Like another contributor I am fed up to the back teeth with receiving Bitcoin spam emails together with CBD and Cannabis Oil. I report them as Spam and send them to TalkTalk but they keep on coming. Why can they not simply block any email referring to the above topics?

The simple answer is that TalkTalk cannot network block all such mail messages because some will be sent from legitimate sources. One example is a well known High Street health and wellness retailer that's the largest in Europe.


You can block based on keywords but you'll inevitably find that the Filter rule needs a whole stack of variations on a theme and some spam mail will still get through. For example, where the keyword only apparently appears in the body of the mail message but that 'keyword' is actually an image.


So, for your Inbox to be free of unwanted spam once your email address is known to multiple spammers you should consider two options:

  • Migrate your wanted contacts to a new email address
    then delete the old and deny spammers the means to harass you
  • Use a safe senders filter as described

Let us know your plan.

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Hi @Mike Sant 


Spam is either for marketing purposes or more often to gather personal data (phishing) even if that's just proving an email address is actively used.


Your email address is clearly known to spammers so, yes, you can use keywords to identify a potential spam email. But even those 'keywords' in the incoming mail can be disguised to get around plain text blocking filters.


To take your email address out of the hands of spammers, assuming you wish to keep it active, is to set up a simple Filter Rule containing the email addresses of the people and organisations that you want to accept mail from. The Filter Rule does need to be updated when you add new contacts but it's simple to Edit to add a new Condition specifying a new contact email address.


Where to find the Filter Rules:


Filter Rules - Add new rule


Filter rule - Not my contacts


The Filter Rule shown will move all mail into the Spam folder that's not sent from any of the email addresses that are listed in the Conditions. 


Organisations will usually advise you of the email address to put into your 'Contacts' or Address Book and this is the email address to add as a Condition to the Filter rule to make sure their mail doesn't get sent to the Spam folder.


I'm advising that all of the potentially uninvited mail is Filed into the Spam folder because that offers an extra protection for you. When mail messages are moved into the TalkTalk Mail Spam folder all links in the message content are disabled as a security measure.


Therefore if there was a hidden link in a spam mail it would not be active. To indicate the disabled link the text is light grey with a strikethrough. 


Spam Folder mail content has links disabled


NB The above example isn't a spam mail message, just one that's been used for demonstration purposes to show what disabled links look like. 


An extra tip is to untick the Mail display setting to Allow pre-loading of externally linked images.  That means you're not loading or displaying any images in the mail messages that are hosted on external websites that would instantly tell a spammer you have an active mail account.


Allow pre-loading of externally linked images


Let us know how you get on with just accepting mail from your contacts as we do appreciate feedback.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

 Like below to appreciate my help . . . and to help others Best Answer