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Unable to receive emails from regular contacts despite some other emails being received ok

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I would love some help with this issue, if anyone can advise.


All of a sudden a number of people are unable to send me emails and they receive the message (as per screenshot attached) with error code TT104.


They receive the message saying their email is undeliverable.  These are people I have exchanged emails with regularly previously, and are people who are in my address book.


I am still able to receive some other messages with no problem


Thank you in advance if anyone can help


Support Team
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Hi caroway,


I can see that Gondola as helped you with your query, please let us know if you have any further questions


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Hi caroway 


The inbound TalkTalk mail servers have declined to accept the mail message indicated in your attachment because the sending IP address has been sending spam. 


TalkTalk uses Cloudmark sender intelligence to determine whether to block sender IP addresses. I can see that the mail sender IP address is on the SORBS SPAM blacklist so it's not just TalkTalk recipients that have potentially marked mail as spam. The sender will need to remove the source of spam from their outgoing server, and then request delisting from SORBS SPAM and Cloudmark.

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