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Unable to receive emails

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Same here in Sheffield. Looks like email is self-isolating too!!!!

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According to TT service Centre there are no reported email problems. We must all be imagining it


Happening to me as well.

Over the weekend got the odd random email, then Monday got several from the previous day repeated 2 or 3 times. Seemed ok Tues, but now only getting the odd one, and none with attachments. I have contacted friends by telephone who I know have sent me emails and they say they get server timeout message.

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I too am unable to receive emails. No problem sending. Have checked settings but can't identify any problems. Last email received was about 17.45 yesterday. Getting really concerned as this is my main email address.

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I have as well I can send to my other email address but it is not replying to my talktalk mail. I need to register as being vulnerable but cant. Anyone know how to do this Thanks

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same here in southampton



Webmail keeps reporting:

"Unable to connect to e-mail server. Possible reasons: The e-mail server is (temporarily) down or there are network connection problems. Please try again in a few minutes."



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No emails today, spent 30 mins on chat just to be given community link. They will sort it I was told. I have a tiscali email. It seems to happen when they do an update! Been trying to contact for over a week via here, twitter and phone about my contract. No response. Shambles!!!!

Richard Mansell
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We are in Nottingham and have [] domain addresses.

None received since about 01:30 today (29 April 2020).


I cannot even log a case as there aren't any contact numbers and the chat facility is not available.


Very frustrating.😖


Does anyone know if there any contact numbers available, as a case need to be logged for them to look at the service?

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Same here 30 min chat then directed here. Total farce tried contacting by twitter, phone, here about my contract for a week, no reply. Disgusting, my bill will go up but maybe better waiting then swapping provider. 11 years loyalty for zilch!
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Hi. Same problem here (Reading). Able to send out but nothing coming in. Last I received was yesterday (Tuesday). I know there are some sent to me as I have tested from my Gmail
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Yes my gmail ok, and can send from my tiscali but not receive emails and that is my main account. Difficult times but no response on different medias for a week is totally unacceptable.
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I have not received any emails since last night and I have been on live chat with talktalk for an hour or so, to get told there isn't any current problems and my partner must of put my email address in wrong when he tryed to send me a email via his email and definitely wasn't wrong atall... Really not helpful talktalk! receiving emails from my other talktalk email address but nothing from other email providers, when are they going to realise and take into account we are having problems and resolve the issue ASAP


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Very frustrating.


Same in South Manchester - I am able to send emails from my account but when I respond to those emails, nothing coming back to the account.

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There's a problem with email. The incident is being worked on and you can track it on the Service Status (Email) page. 

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To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

Whizz Kid

Further to my last message. I have just finished a "Live Chat" with TalkTalk, this lasted for almost an hour with almost a total denial that there was a problem and that the problem was within my settings. I was then told that:-

"We offer a very limited support for email programs/Apps as we don't provide them as part of our service".

"The diagnosticswill be limited to checking you have the correct settings for your email account".

"Any further checks beyond that will need to be done from within our TalkTalk Mail website". "This will help to determine if the issue lies with our service or your device, program or App settings".

When I pointed out that there were 32 messages on this site with 25 in the last 5 hours and that perhaps they would be kind enough to get an someone to come to this message board with a reply and not ignore us, I received:-

"We are getting a lot of customers that are having issues with their emails, our engineers are also working on fixing that fault as soon as possible".


49 minutes to get that reply.

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29th April - I’ve not been able to receive any emails all afternoon. Please can someone advise?

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Is it not a key worker and they don't need to isolate...... 😉
pipex not working
Whizz Kid

I have had this conversation three times over the last two years and this is word for word the way it goes, total waste of time, third-rate support. 

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See Service Status above, always worth a try before posting.