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Unable to receive emails

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Same here
Enlightened One

I generally find the "service status" page a complete waste of time.


Usually it claims everything is "hunky dory" when lots of customers know it isn't. TalkTalk are also far too quick to claim "fixed" when faults aren't.

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Me too.  I know I've been sent emails but they're not getting though

Enlightened One

I noticed it first thing on SUNDAY morning sending some test emails between three of my accounts with some to my TT mailbox


Some didn't arrive in my TT one until MONDAY AFTERNOON!!!!! Then I received multiple copies of it. Performance has been shoddy ever since yet the "service status" was "All Green" earlier today.


That was interesting as when I tried posting a reply to one of the threads on the subject on here I kept getting "Too many searches...." And that was posting REPLY!!!


Where it got searches from is anyone guess....

First Timer

Like may others on this chat I haven't received any e-mails since around mid-day. Have tried to resolve issue with no joy! I am also awaiting important e-mails including one from our local hospital regarding an appointment for my daughter, very frustrating and not great service!

If talk talk are away of issues then they need to get it resolved as a matter of urgency.

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Same problem, nothing on Sunday, caught up slowly on Monday, some arrived between 00:05 and 4:51am today (not sent then!), then nothing until 1 at 22:45. I am in Essex so from earlier posts this is a national problem.

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According to the Email Sevice Status

We're aware that some customers are experiencing issues sending and receiving emails.

Latest update, 10:55PM, 29th April:

We'd like to apologise for the inconvenience caused and assure you that our engineers working to restore service to affected customers as soon as is possible. 

I have recieved 37 emails abou this case since 00:38 this morning but nothing else since Monday morning. When is this going to get sorted and how are TalkTalk going to compesate thier valued customers?

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I am srarting to see some email dripping through from 06:30 this morning (and a load of emails about this case, they appear to have priority?)

Enlightened One

That could be because notification emails from the community forum are essentially "internal" to TalkTalk.


Emails between TalkTalk customers doesn't seem to have been impacted much, again but they are internal to TalkTalk.


Not much use if the vast majority of your emails are to/from contacts OUTSIDE of TalkTalk.


I've had a bunch of emails come through overnight and this morning.


One of which was the second of a pair of notifications from a UPS on one of the servers I look after. ("AVR Trim Active", followed by "AVR Trim No Longer Active"). They were sent about 1 minute apart.


I received both in my work email with no delays (as one would expect as they are "internal").


I received the first ("Trim Active") at 11:08 yesterday, at the same time as in my work email. The second ("Trim No Longer Active") arrived not 1 minute later - but almost 11 and a half HOURS later as 22:31.


Yet it is sporadic. I received another work one (backup notification) without any delay (00:20 this morning). Yet an Amazon order confirmation arrived again 10 HOURS later (4:05 this morning when it was placed 18:00'ish YESTERDAY.


If this happened occasionally, it would be annoying. But these sort of problem happen WAY too frequently. I don't have any such problems with any of my, Gmail or Exchange Online accounts.


Only TalkTalk and they been going on for  years with depressing regularity.

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I received one email this morning sent last night from my brother on sky email. 

None of the missing emails have arrived.


We really need this service particularly just now!!! 

Team Player

I got a big steady stream of emails through the night up to 10 mins ago.

Does anyone know:

1. if the problem is fixed for everyone now?

2. if any emails are permanently lost or have they just come through late?


Current dashboard still reports problems at 08:00 today?

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I have received only one email mine def not fixed!
Kev Brown
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Mrng all. Hope someone can help me out.

My incoming emails to my home computer stopped last night around 5ish. I have tried sending emails to myself from my works computer and gmail account to no avail.

I can however, send to both these accounts from my home computer.

I did place an order for a broadband upgrade yesterday for which the confirmation email has just arrived 5 minutes ago, but nothing else seems to be coming through. 

I tried the test mail in talk talk help section but when I tried that it came up with a message 'did you mean to switch applications, Microsoft edge is trying to open google chrome'. the default box is No and when I clicked on it nothing at all happened, just took me back to the front page again and nothing has appeared in my inbox from this either.

Any help appreciated as I'm not that computer literate and I rely heavily on my emails for work, as I guess most of you do too during these testing times.


Kev Brown
Community Manager - TT Staff

Hey Guys, 


Sorry about the ongoing email issues, we're working on restoring full service and we'll keep you updated here: 



Stephen, Community Manager

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Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi @StephenF I reported on another thread yesterday that I was having similar problems with my Pipex email account, both via POP and Pipex Webmail.  I seem to have full connectivity this morning (and have successfully tested that using Gmail and Yahoo accounts), with a number of emails arriving overnight.  Thank you.  KEEP WELL.  Regards MM

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I too was unable to receive emails yesterday. I was also unable to put a post up on here as I had forgotten my password and you've got it the reset went to my non-functioning Talk Talk email address.

This is not the first time I have had trouble with Talk Talk email in fact it has been so unreliable in the past that I would recommend people not to use it as their main email source. Get a free gmail or outlook email address if you need one that works.

My worry is how do I know how many emails have been lost while the system was down? Do they all get sent though when things work again?

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No it is not fixed.

I'm still ot re eiving all emails just the odd one & people sending emails getting the Mailer-Daemon message that email is not deliverable

This is not an ideal situation at all

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Nothing to do with weekend delays!!!

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Kev Brown
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I seem to be getting a few emails through now but not sure how many have not made it.

Hopefully this whole issue will get resolved sooner rather than later TalkTalk

Kev Brown