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Unable to receive emails


Nor for me.

Can we just have a progress report on what is the problem and when, or  whether, it is expected to be resolved?.

I've opened a second front on Twitter, picked  up by Andy and Debbie, and also replies asking why I am still with TalkTalk.  Good question. 

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Same here - have been unable to receive or send emails since Friday morning.

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Whoever changed the Status for Emails back to 'OK' was telling a fib and needs to revert it to 'SNAFU'

To repeat, emails to addresses are bouncing (but I can send from the account...), and if I click on the 'New, upgraded email account' link I get diverted to the Olde Webmail account login page instead, which has 'homecall' in the domain name.

I can log in to all my accounts... but they all show zero emails.

Been spending this morning emailing various people asking them to use my address for now instead...

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Suddenly I have received emails to my dial.pipex address, sent this morning.  I sent a test from my email address and it got through! No sign of the Friday, Sat or Sunday emails (yet?)

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Hi @CamMike 


The mail queues are moving and that's what the admins fixed this morning. New mail is being accepted for delivery and mail previously accepted for delivery is working its way down the queue.  Any mail not accepted for delivery over the weekend will have been notified to the sender.

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Thanks, can confirm that some new mail is getting through now for me also.

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Morning Captain,

We're working on this as a priority and we'll keep you posted on our progress.


Stephen, Community Manager

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I am starting to receive emails now too. Thanks for getting it fixed. 

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Pleased to hear that your issues seem to be resolved. Whereas I have not received any mail since 24 September, cannot log into any of my mail clients, including webmail on the TT website and have no idea how or when my issue will be addressed.
Good for you though
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I am receiving a trickle of emails from Sunday. But still waiting for the Saturday and Friday ones to arrive. Thanks to those who have given this matter high priority this morning. May the good work continue and that the upgrade will ultimately be a success.


I have also received e-mails from Sunday 27th, but nothing from Friday or Saturday.  Have these been lost or does the recovery work backwards through time so that the oldest e-mails will be the last to be sent?

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It has all gone a bit quiet again. My last back-dated email that arrived was for 11:58 on Sunday.  This arrived at noon today (Monday).  No sign of any emails before that time dating back to Friday 11:00. So, I am still missing 2 days of emails.

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Latest status update on mine and my wife's accounts as at 18:00 Monday 28th 


About 11:00 this morning (Monday 28th) emails finally started to appear on my Gmail app. (I wasn't home to try outlook).

Fairly random what order they came in but by 13:00 I think (although how would I know?) that I have received all mail for the previous 24hrs i.e. 11:00 Sunday. All arrived with the date/time that they were sent.

When I got home I have started my laptop and use outlook which has successfully downloaded the emails but they have come in all timed/dated from 11:00 today rather than the date and time they were sent? very strange 

I have still not had an email informing me that my migration has completed? Is it or isn't it?

Any comment from TalkTalk @OCE_Ady about whether my emails from Friday after 10:00, Saturday all day or Sunday before 11:00 will ever appear?

@Gondola thanks for your help over the weekend shame that I am not paying you rather than TalkTalk as at least you were working on the problem.

And finally I have lost the plot about email settings

I do not want the hassle of changing to imap unless I really really have to but which pop server should I be using? My phone is using port 995 SSL/TLS. whereas outlook is using port 995 SSL

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Good morning. On two of my 3 accounts, the account started working again yesterday and I received mail in the queue from Sunday 10h29 onwards. They are still working which is great, but 1 of the accounts is still not live and hasn't received mail since Thursday last. It's now Tuesday 29th 09h30.


I can send mail from all three.

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It is 17:00 on Tuesday 22nd.  I am still missing emails that were sent to me between 11:30 on Friday and 11:59 on Sunday (the 11:59 one, and later ones from Sunday, arrived on Monday morning).  Could you please provide yes/ no answers to the following questions:


1. Are my missing emails lost forever?


2. Are you certain that the emails still exist on a server somewhere and that it is just taking time for you to pass them on to me?


3. Are you still trying to ascertain where these missing emails have ended up?

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Oops, meant Tuesday 29th.

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I have had the same issue with my account since Friday morning  and despite the Service Dashboard saying that the issue has been resolved I still cant receive emails on any device. My webmail is filling up so the emails are not being bounced back to sender.

Enlightened One

I can confirm that I have a couple of days of Pipex mail now lost, forever I should think on my Pipex account. I would assume that it would be the same for us all.

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Further to my post earlier, one of the accounts which I thought was operational hasn't received an email since 19h17 last night. I have sent it some from a 365 account, but they're not arriving.


It doesn't appear that the event has been resolved.


I'll add my name to the list of people for whom any emails sent to me between friday lunchtome and sunday lunchtime appear to be lost. Interestingly none of the people who i know sent me mail in that tome have told me they have received a mail undelivered response so the emails have gone somewhere.