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Unread emails showing as read

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Hoping someone will be able to help.

My emails always show as unread even after I have read them.

Has anyone got any advice as to how I can solve this problem?


Many thanks in advance




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Hi help_needed101 


If you are viewing your TalkTalk mail messages via the TalkTalk Mail sign in to webmail and an Internet browser then there is no specific setting. A mail message is automatically marked as read when you select each one.


If for some reason that's not happening then you'll see an envelope icon in front of the sender's address. It's coloured to represent unread and an uncoloured outline to represent read. You can toggle the status by selecting the envelope. Sometimes the status will not immediately change if you've recently changed the View setting and have selected List view.


But the normal process is to auto mark as read when selected.


You can select a group of mail messages in the List view and select Mark as read or Mark as unread from an option on the toolbar More actions triple line menu.


Or to act on the whole folder, select the Actions on folder triple line menu in the side panel and select Mark all messages as read or Mark all messages as unread, as required.

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Thank you for your reply.


I am accessing my emails from a web browser.


Where would I find the box I need to tick to get the emails to show as read after I have viewed them?


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Hi @help_needed101 


How are you viewing your TalkTalk mail messages?  Using the TalkTalk Mail sign in to webmail via an Internet browser or using a specific email software or mobile email app?


In TalkTalk Mail (webmail) the message is marked as read when it's shown in the Detailed view potentially showing the whole message.


Email software does have settings to determine what happens when you read a mail message. For example, a message can be marked as read immediately its displayed to the user or when it's been displayed to the user for a set time frame or not at all.


If not automatically marked as read then messages will need to be manually marked as read.

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