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Updated Wind10 Mail won't take TT email accounts

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My 3 email accounts are with TalkTalk.  And emails are ok on that site, but I want them in the PC Windows Mail app.  Tutorials, and checking everything on the TT site (acct names, passwords - neither EVER changed - and incoming/outgoing addresses etc are all correct) but whenever I try to "add account" to Mail with this fully correct info, I still get "We couldn't access the acct .. update yr password or give account permission to sync to this device".  Any ideas?  Please??  Driving me mad.


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Hi Derek, your success was never in doubt with Gondola helping you out. 


Thanks for posting back thank Gondola for the support.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Perfect result. 


I had total confidence in you being back in action. 


Stay safe.

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Well, huzzah.  THAT is what made the difference.  Thanks so very much.  To defend my ignorance, their three examples under the Username box include a simple name, not saying it has to be the email address.  And my memory seemed to be telling me I'd indeed used MY simple name.


I've edited as suggested.  I realised you don't advertise it generally unless you like spam.  In innocence, I was supposing it wasn't an issue with a please-help-yes-I'll-help community.  But one should keep to that rule across the board, I guess.


Thanks for the password tip.  I see why you'd think someone who was 50 decades ago and creating passwords, would have weak ones.  In fact I made strong ones across the board (whether or not nudged on how to) with letter/numeral mixture, upper/lower case mixture, and one of the words in it deliberately mis-spelled!  So THAT at least has been ok over the years and I knew the hiccup culprit wouldn't be them.


All that remains is to offer my heartfelt thanks once again, and click the relevant Best Answer box and the thumbs up icon &c.

Best wishes


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Hi rbuck 


You may wish to edit the post and screenshot as it's revealing your email address to the world and I don't want you to get spammed.


There is one fundamental change necessary and that's the Username. The Username must be the full email address.


Other than that all good and with the Username change it ought to work.


However, there is something I'd like you to consider and that's the passwords. You say never changed since creation and that always rings my alarm bells. The password may be perfectly good but may not comply with current best practice. The SMTP outgoing servers are picking up on weak passwords and stopping users from sending mail. Even if webmail works.


So, three things:

  • Remove the screenshot for your security (triple dots top right of your post to edit)
  • Just change the Windows Mail account Username to the full email address
  • Check the password strength

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Another try at my screenshot


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Many, many thanks again, Gondola.


Yes, thanks, I got the idea of your screenshot, and of course it's what I did first, unsuccessfully.  The other combinations I was then trying - yes, timewasting as it turned out, except for feeling sure I'd tried everything - weren't so much random as trying the TT instructions, where different, after trying yours.  (They'd not included the port numbers in the two server addresses to be typed in.)


It was my ignorance about "mail" and "imap" producing the same result, that also doubled the number of combos!


And of course, my three email addresses and their passwords continue to work fine on the TT site Mail page.  In fact, they've never changed since their creation.


Sorry no screenshot, I took it, but I'm having trouble being allowed to insert it.  But it IS identical to yours, have checked a dozen times.  Many thanks again.


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My screenshot is taken from a working setup of Windows Mail on Windows 10 so all you need to do is get your email address and password matched up and copy the incoming and outgoing server settings matched to the screenshot.


Using random combinations will just waste your time. 


For the incoming server you can use as this is the same as


I am assuming that when you started setting up the email accounts you selected Add account then Other and then IMAP4 as the account type.


Screenshot what you have setup so I can confirm.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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This is really kind of you, Gondola.

No luck

I did find the TT site's instructions had your 993 and 587 numbers - without your colon one and colon zero respectively - UNDER the server addresses they prescribed.  They had them as "Incoming Port" and "Outgoing Port".  I tried what you'd suggested both with and without your colon one and colon zero.  Also with and without any numbers at all.


I noted they prescribed "" where you had "".  So I repeated the above four combos with "mail" not "smtp"

... sadly, as I said, no luck. (TT quite definitely accepts my 3 addresses and their passwords, and I can operate them all fine on the TT site.)


Please, sorry to ask, any more combos to try?  You're my only hope .. I am 73 !!  And it IS the latest Windows 10 system updated.  And either Windows or TT is offering a rubbish service to make things this arduous (or both of 'em) !!


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It will make a difference as it'll ensure the Windows Mail app works correctly with TalkTalk Mail. You'll also check that all four boxes are ticked as when the app first sets itself up it may not tick the lower box.


Let us know how you get on checking the settings I've shown with the settings on your app.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Thanks so much!  Yes, I recognise that box have done all that .. the only difference is, that you show a few numbers after, and after (for outgoing) which are not there in TT's instructions.  Would THAT make the difference?  I'll try anything!  Thanks again.


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Hi @rbuck 


If I understand, you've checked the email accounts are all accessible via TalkTalk Mail webmail.


And you're a TalkTalk Consumer customer and the email addresses are all listed in your customer MyAccount My Mailboxes list?


If the above is all ok and you've checked the passwords are correct you may need to check the incoming and outgoing mail server settings in Windows Mail on Windows 10.


Windows Mail server settings


Let us know if you need additional help.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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