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Upgrade your legacy mail password

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We're seeing many legacy mail users still using weak mailbox passwords.


So, before the system suspends your use of the mailbox or forces a password change please take time to upgrade your legacy mail password.


Hopefully you'll have pre-registered for password recovery an alternate email address and mobile number known as Reset details. Either can be selected in the password reset process to receive an emailed link or a 6 digit code by mobile text message to authenticate a password change. It's worth checking these are present and correct before opting to change the password. 


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail


Enter your email address and your email password, select Sign in.


Update your reset details is an option on the main settings menu (triple lines on the top right header or cog icon on the mobile browser).


Menu options - Update your reset details 05Aug2020


Check, and update the reset details, if needed, then use the  Forgotten your password? link on the TalkTalk Mail webmail sign in page or the Reset password now button in the help page  Changing your email password.


My recommendation is to exceed the minimum required and use a 12-15 multicase letters and numbers password that also includes a symbol. Created from multiple words gives an opportunity to memorise the password that, for security, needs to be unique to the mailbox. The Internet browser that you use for TalkTalk Mail may also offer to generate a secure password and will save the login for you.


If using  TalkTalk Online Defence then bundled with the security package is a  Password Manager that is useful for generating unique passwords and keeping those secure passwords ready for a sign in.

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