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Webmail Only primary address is showing

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When I log into webmail, I can only see my primary email inbox, and none of the other 4 inboxes associated with my other 4 emails. is there something I need to setup to see them all on webmail?

thanks, Splitentity.


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Hi Splitentity,


Thanks for the PM, I've replied requesting a little more information 




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Hi Splitentity,


Apologies for the delay, I've replied to your PM




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Thankyou because at the moment until migration is complete, there are two email accounts not working.

PM would be useful much appreciated.


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Hi Splitentity, I'm afraid we can't give you the existing password. I can however reset the password if you can't wait until the migration. 


I'll get PMs enabled so that I can send you the secure link to get some security information. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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It would be easier if I could email the actual details to someone, because it would be clearer, whereas on a public forum I am talking generalities. is their an help email where I can  be more specific to talk talk technical? 


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Thanks for your comments regarding windows live mail. I shall take this on board. Looking back over the history, it appears my primary email and what I though of as my secondary emails had different email user names from pipex although all linked to the same billing account.

eg primary had and secondary although both linked to the primary account for billing.  However because of this,  the email user name box had xxx and yyy respectively and each had a separate password provided at the time from pipex, Up until last week this was never a problem. However I have forgotten the password for the yyy account, but have also noticed it is not listed under My Accounts! Is there a way of recovering second password this from talk talk if I give them the yyy account details even though it is not listed under My Accounts?  Ultimately I need to ditch the pipex emails in the long term as this is proving to be too complicated. I just do not understand why the changes made last week affected some of the mailboxes and not others. Apologies for going on with this but there is no simple guide how to associated the old accounts to the new setup, and if talk talk are going to send an email notifying change to the yyy address it will be pointless because it has stopped working. Thankyou.



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Hi both, the redirect to that insecure webmail page is not in fact a failure it is intentional and will remain in place until the migration is completed. 





Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi Splitentity 


The pipex mail upgrade to the TalkTalk Mail platform will create a mailbox for the primary pipex email address. You'll sign in to that at TalkTalk Mail at Any mail for an alias email address linked to the primary mailbox will be recognised and delivered to the primary mailbox.


If the pipex mailboxes that you refer to as secondary do have mailboxes in their own right i.e. they're not just aliases of the primary mailbox, then they will also receive individual sets of email notifications from TalkTalk about their upgrade to the TalkTalk Mail platform.


However, as the email from TalkTalk indicated, if the email addresses are aliases linked to the primary mailbox then you'll manage the primary mailbox in TalkTalk Mail and in your MyAccount for mail for the primary address and any aliases linked to the primary. There is just the one mailbox for a primary address and any aliases created for that primary address.


In TalkTalk Mail you can create a Filter rule to file alias email into its own folder.


Now, some advice about Windows Live Mail (WLM). This product is way beyond end of service support life and has not received security updates from Microsoft for some long time. I can see you're using insecure mail which is a risk in itself but doubly risky when using WLM. I suggest you retire WLM and upgrade to using Windows Mail on Windows 10 or Outlook or Thunderbird for example.


The recommended email settings - IMAP or POP3 are in the pipex section. Note that WLM does not support StartTLS.

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Once again thank you and very helpful.I sorted out the popup but the accounts will not add. I am guessing the settings are all wrong now. 

It actually appears since the upgrade that only the primary pipex email  setup on windows live mail on my pc is working.( the two talk talk ones are ok),  neither of the 2 secondary  pipex emails which are on my wifes pc are working. Prior to the upgrade they were fine, interestingly when I got the notification email regarding the change, my primary pipex email and talk talk emails were listed but my secondary pipex ones were not, even though they are present in My Account. The email said that the primary one had to be used  to manage all the others, Does this mean I use the primary one as the email username (see below) for all the pipex addresses, in which case do I then also use the primary password associated with this  or each individual email password. I assume all emails are logged in on the primary, and then emails are then allocated to the correct email address? As my primary email is ok i assume  the SMTP and POP 3 addresses are all ok although do not match what is shown for a pipex setup!! This is so frustrating because the change is made by talk talk with no advice how to get working grrr so thanks again.



Thanks for your help


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Hi Splitentity 


The redirect is a failure on TalkTalk's part to redirect pipex mail logins that are not yet upgraded to the TalkTalk Mail platform.  When your primary (not alias) pipex mailbox is upgraded to the TalkTalk Mail platform your primary pipex email address will be recognised and you'll get signed in to TalkTalk Mail.


The redirect failure to the insecure homecall sign in webpage has been known for some time and in an ideal world you should have been redirected to the secure pipex sign in:


If you don't see the pop-up window you need to add as an exception to the pop-up window blocker you have active in your Internet browser or Internet security software.

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Thank you for the response. I realise why only the primary address was showing because I was being redirected to a pipex webmail page. My primary email is a legacy pipex email, when I login on that email on the talk talk login page  it redirects me to a pipex webmail page via this box. The pipex email although classed as my primary email by talk talk does not seem to access the talk talk webmail.



One of my secondary emails is a talk talk email and I can login into talk talk webmail with that, however when I click the add email account, no popup box occurs, in fact nothing happens, so there is nothing to add, although I do have another talk talk email, and two other pipex ones, but they do not show. Thank you in advance.


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Hi @Splitentity 


You can sign in to TalkTalk Mail to any one TalkTalk Mail mailbox and that's known as the primary mailbox. You can add the other 4 TalkTalk Mail mailboxes using the Add email account function that you see in the left side panel Folder view.


Those mailboxes will be known as the secondary mailboxes.


Unified email.png


  • Select Add email account
  • In the pop-up window enter the email address and password
  • Select the Add button. 
    The new email address will appear in the Folder view side panel

Select the arrow by the secondary mailbox email address and you'll see the mailbox folders.


These added email accounts are managed via the main Settings menu icon (triple lines) top right header and the Settings menu item and then Accounts in the left side panel.


Account - Edit


If you'd like any additional advice then just say.

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