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Webmail adverts all over the place

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Hi All


There is some issue with the adverts on the webmail site. Using google chrome with ad block I had an error message right in the middle of the page so I've disabled my ad blocker and tried on chrome, edge, and firefox and I've got adverts coming up all over the place.


The advert across the top is out of place then when logging in I've got a giant advert at the bottom taking over the whole screen, then it goes and its off the screen at the bottom then it also shows an advert that actually looks like the menu of webmail.


I've tried another device to make sure I am not going mad. Please can you fix your website.


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Morning MrWatermelon, like Gondola I'm unable to replicate your issue. I'll leave you with Gondola for now, if either of you need more input Gondola will let me know. 



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Hi MrWatermelon 


I'm looking at Chrome Version 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 11 and cannot replicate the issue right now. 


What was the error message? Have you tried refreshing the browser and trying a reset to clear cookies and cache and restart with extensions disabled. Maybe there's some compatibility issue with other software?


Having said that, I am seeing a lot of errors associated with the advertising that's running currently so I don't discount issues that could be caused by the adverts.


What happens if you restart the ad-blocker?

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