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Webspace Changes ... Alternatives?

Team Player
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Hi All,


(Best place for this post?) 


My understanding (from an email from TT) is that Webspace is being "removed" 16 July 2018.


Now, I may be in the minority, but I have made use of this Webspace to host my website. In the same email I was offered "alternatives" to continue my site, but I am not yet convinced of their viability. This post is to find other people who may be in a similar situation, and what solutions they have found ... that do not affect them financially.


I first tried to see how "easy" it would be to start a site with "Wix" (TT mention), but have found that their website crashes IE when you try to use it to start to build one. However, even if I could build a site (crashed on two different computers tested so far), I am not convinced (from my reading and current understanding) that this alterative website solution is able to support my website structure, especially as it does not support ftp (from what I read).


I tried looking for another alternative to host my site, but got the impression that every host I found that offered ftp support also required a monthly fee - which I obviously already have covered in my TT agreement.


So, does this "change" affect anybody else? If so, how are you sorting it?


Thanks in advance.


Wise Owl
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Guess it depends on what sort of a site you have at present.

Create a blog? On Google?

Pages on FaceBook?


If TT are pulling the plug on web space, the maybe:-

1. It's time to get a domain and a hosting company.

2. Then look for another ISP / Teleco.

3. Bi Bi TalkTalk