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Where are message Filters and is there a holiday reply message in new Email.

Whizz Kid
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I like to filter my messages so spam or unwanted messages are deleted or filtered to a spam folder on receipt but I can't see how I can do this. I also like to use the "I'm away from date to date' holiday mode message but can't see that either. Can anyone tell me where I can do this.


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Great support Gondola.  I've marked that as best answer for you. 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Thank you. That is very helpful.


Community Star
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Hi @Figgis 


The Holiday Reply / Vacation Notice is available via the Main Menu and Settings.

  • Select the Menu option      top right
    (triple line hamburger icon)
  • Select Settings from the list
  • Select Email (or Mail) (left side panel)
  • Select Vacation Notice

The Vacation Notice is simply a preset Filter rule. You'll see a link to Filter Rules also in the left side panel.


If you receive a spam email you can select that email and use the Mark as spam selection on the toolbar or in the drop down More Actions menu within the email display. Please do that for real spam as that's helping the TalkTalk blocking filters learn to identify and block spam.


Marking as Spam.png


Spam marked email is put in to the Spam folder and the TalkTalk Cloudmark Authority Engine is notified that you've marked an email as spam.  Cloudmark is the network based spam filtering that gathers information from users and other external information to be able to identify spam, primarily from a content analysis, and to block that spam on the network for the benefit of all users.


The one thing it might not do is provide an immediate block for a specific sender.  The More Actions menu in the email display also has a link to Create filter rule that will take you to the Filter rules with some conditions pre-defined for that specific email. Be aware that the conditions may not be appropriate for any other emails.

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