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Windows Live Mail not logging me in

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Recently (last couple of weeks or so) my "automatic" use of Windows Live Mail has stopped working with my tiscali address.  I get a pop up window which indicates the tiscali email address and a series of dots where the password might otherwise be read.  What's weird is that the number of characters hidden by the dots is greater than the password I use to get into TalkTalk Web Mail.  I can't read the password that has worked for ages so am concerned I'd loose it if I tried the Web Mail one that works.  Should the two passwords be the same?  What has changed recently that prevents WLM from logging me in and downloading my mail?  Help please.

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Yes "Remember" was ticked. So something corrupted it and then continued to remember the bad one. Ah well. All's well and thanks again.
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Hi EKG62


The WLM password can get corrupted. So long as you've set WLM to Remember the password it'll work fine.


Pleased to help.

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Seems that worked @Gondola.  I just altered the password in the pop up box and hey presto lots got downloaded.  Very odd that the password got altered somehow but all fine now.  Many thanks.



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Hi @EKG62


You have a tiscali email address and a password for that email address. When you log in to Webmail you enter your email address and the password and you're logged in to your mailbox for that email address.


You access that very same mailbox using Windows Live Mail (WLM) and WLM will sign in using the same email address and the same password as you use for Webmail.


If you can login to Webmail then you know that's the correct password.  Changing the password in WLM will not change the Webmail password.


To change the password for WLM:

  • Open Windows Live Mail
  • Select the Accounts tab
  • Select Properties. A new dialog box will appear
  • Select the Server tab
  • Under Mail server, type in your email address in the entry box beside log in name
  • Select Remember password
  • Enter the working email password in the password entry box
  • Select OK

Let me know the outcome.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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