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accessing old Tiscali email - unable to re-set password

First Timer
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I have no other business with TalkTalk other than a historic tiscali email address that I need to access.

The password re-set system sends an email to the tiscali email address so no use whatsoever


Can anyone please help with "how to" sort this out, as I have been sent information by a Company to the tiscali email address (and they could send it only to the tiscali address, as that is what they have on their system)

I need to access quite quickly, certainly by the end of this week.


Many thanks




Support Team
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Hi Mike,

If you still need assistance can you please answer Gondola's questions and we'll be happy to help


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Hi @mikejames7 


If the tiscali email address is 'very' historic; i.e. if you haven't used it / signed in for a long time then it may not even exist.  Mailboxes do get flagged for system auto-deletion after 180 days of non-use.


When you send the email address a mail message do you get a bounceback indicating 'undeliverable'.


When you try to verify the email address at this website does the website report Deliverable or Undeliverable?

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