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compromised tiscali account

Theodore Potter
First Timer
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Hi I have an old tiscali email account which has been compromised and hacked. As i am not a talktalk customer i cannot log in to my ee to delete the account. 

Any advice on the easiest way to delete the account would be really appreciated.



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Ok i will try that thanks for the advice



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Hi @Theodore Potter 


Yes, compromised mailbox deletion is a very wise move to protect your security.


The Data Protection Team will action deletion for you under your GDPR right to be forgotten. Details are in the advice page Access information we hold on you 


It is a postal application but so long as you provide verification of who you are and that you are the registered mail user (registered phone number and address details for when you first had the mail account) they'll action pretty quickly for you.


Let us know how you get on.

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