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hi all can anyone help a friend of mine has now joined talktalk he has never been on internet before so this is all new to him i have tried to help but the information i have got back from talktalk is doing my head in lol,the problem is he was given an e.mail with password but each time we try to log in it is rejected saying it is different to what they have on record we have tried to register for my account but the same thing happens would be greatful for any help thanks roger


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Hi Roger


What I suggest is you help your friend register on Community.  Your friend will need an existing email address and an email account that they can access.  The Community membership requires verifying by clicking on a link in the email that the registration process will send out to that existing email account.


Please ensure your friend's Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes their TalkTalk landline phone number(1) and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and save changes. The TalkTalk Community support OCE will then be able to link to their TalkTalk service account and provide further help with MyAccount and emails.


TalkTalk will not have 'given' your friend an email address and password but TalkTalk may have requested an email address from them as part of the sign-up process.


Here's the advice about registering for MyAccount (Click here)


If the registration process that requires your friend's landline telephone number and account number (In the Welcome Pack) says the number is already registered then follow the advice for recovering the MyAccount username (the email address) and password.


Note 1. If your friend doesn't know the home phone landline number then use your friend's landline phone to call 17070 and the number will be read out.


Once your friend is registered for MyAccount then login to MyAccount and manage email addresses by selecting My Services from the header bar and Manage Webmail from the drop-down list.

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