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can some one let me know how l can block a certain e-mail sender, l have tried asking person to stop but with no luck (e-mails not nasty or naughty just annoying) have tried putting it as spam but with no luck. Thankyou.


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Hi @radar333 


Are you using the new TalkTalk Mail or asking about another webmail service or and email client or email app?


For the new TalkTalk Mail you can use Filter Rules to create and edit a personal blacklist of email addresses and / or other unsolicited / unwanted email.

  • Select the Menu option      top right
    (triple line hamburger icon)
  • Select Settings from the list
  • Select Mail (left side panel)
  • Select Filter Rules
  • If no previous rules exist then Select Add new rule
  • Or if the Blocked Sender's Filter rule or Blacklist rule is there
    Use the Edit option to Add conditions or edit an existing condition

Filter Rules - Blacklist.png


In this example my Blacklist will apply if any individual condition is met - is a specific email From address, all email From the .ru domain and any email that contains "Double glazing" in the subject or body of the email.


In this example I'm simply filing those emails into the Spam folder. But I could choose the action to Discard them so they would never arrive in the mailbox or to Reject them with a reason.




You can use Filter Rules to reject emails from a specific sender. Select the email, select the More actions menu within the email display and select Create filter rule.


Filter Rules - Select the email - Create filter rule.png


 Filter Rule - Blocked sender.png


  • Give the rule a name
  • Decide if you need multiple conditions to apply
  • The subject title is included by default
    If discarding / rejecting the sender's email is required regardless of subject then
    Select the dustbin icon for the 'Subject' condition
  • Add an action
    In this example, Discard
    or choose Reject with reason - add the reason in the text box
  • Decide if you need other rules to run (or untick Process subsequent rules)
  • Select the blue Save button

You've now prevented the sender's emails from arriving in your Inbox.

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