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i have an email address for my wife on my account. This has stopped working with the dreaded pop up appearing. I want to reset the password but cannot do so without knowing the current one - and I have forgotten it.  TT are no help just quoting the DPA Q


What do I do 

M G Allan

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hi Stephen,


I left all the requested information on the private message page - I believe!!!!


How will contact be made with me as my wifes email address / account cannot be used as it is not working. I keep looking on my email account / mobile phone but cannot see any TT contact there or here on the community site





M G Allan

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thanks for this - I will go and look for / at the private message! 

M G Allan

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Have sent you a private message so we can get some more info, once we hear back we'll get that sorted for you. 



Stephen, Community Manager

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Dear Gondola, 


sorry for the delay and thank you very much for this. 


I have added all the information onto my community profile. the alternative email address will be my own  or my land line or my mobile number all addded. 


I am now looking forward to a contact with the TT Community Team to get this all sorted. 


Thank you for your help

M G Allan

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Hi mgeallan 


OK, so no means of recovery set up for a lost password means that we ask TalkTalk to set those Reset details up for you.


You're the account holder so you're the right person to ask for verification and I'll request the TalkTalk Community team for you.


Please check and update your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) to include your name, current TalkTalk landline and mobile contact 'phone numbers and address with postcode (location) then scroll down to Private notes and add the email address and Save changes.


In due course a TalkTalk Community Team member will reply here and then Community Personal Message you to verify you as the mail user; so be prepared to provide on request to TT Staff only:

  • Email address affected
  • Your Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Landline 'phone number and Full postal address linked to the email address when first registered OR TalkTalk account security answers
  • Include Reset details - an active alternate email address and (optionally) a mobile number to receive a password reset link or code.

When you're verified the Reset details will be set up within 48 hours allowing you to set your own password via the Forgotten your Password journey. Make sure the password is ultra-strong and unique to the mailbox.


Any questions?

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi there , 


no options it is just going to be sent to the email that doesn't work 

M G Allan

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Data Protection Act



If case you have forgotten the Do’s and Don’ts. There are members that have. Remember:-Be yourself and tell it like it is,. Be courteous to other customers. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Update your community profile. The Forum Guidelines apply to ALL members there are/should be, NO exceptions. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. Now a wizard.

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Hi mgeallan 


DPA Q means not a thing to me.  Follow the Forgotten your Password? option i.e. click on the blue link and tell me if you just see one option of sending a reset to the mailbox in question or if you have set up Reset details and there is either a mobile number or alternative email address that you recognise from the hints.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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I have no idea whether I attached a phone number or another email acct. The wifes email address is within my my account and i am the administrator as such - it could be sent to my email address (but the DPA is daft)
M G Allan

Community Star
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Hi @mgeallan 


If you've forgotten the email password, and need a password reset, this relies on you having set up password Reset details in advance. Reset details are an alternative email address and mobile phone number to receive a reset link or reset code when you follow the Forgotten your Password? option.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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