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email problems since saturday

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anyone have problems with emails downloading to samsung email app and gmail app.

talktalk emails don't appear at all in samsung app but with gmail they appear then when i re-fresh the app they disappear. I have noticed that when i logon to webmail all received emails since saturday have a line struck thro the recipient subject etc but when i open the email everything seems to be there. we have other email addresses used on the account and they seem fine


confused !!!!!!!!!! 


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Hi drivingumad, thanks for marking Gondola's post as best answer. It always helps other members to find the answers they're looking for more quickly.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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You're very welcome.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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@Gondola thanks a lot - i had 3 rules active so deleted them -seems ok now using a samsung app - you are a star😊 thank you very much for your help and advice

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Hi drivingumad 


That's a very good illustration and my diagnosis, given that it's not an email client marking the mail messages as deleted, is that you have Filter rules running on mail incoming to the Inbox.


There is a Filter rule action to mark selected mail messages as Deleted. Which is exactly what's happening.


  • Sign in to TalkTalk Mail
  • Select the Main Settings menu icon      triple lines top right side of the header
    (Mobile browser? use the desktop version)
  • Select Settings from the list
  • Select the arrow by Mail (or Email) in the left side panel
  • Select Filter Rules
  • The following options are offered:
    Edit a rule including changing the Rule name, changing its Conditions and Actions
    Disabling or Enabling a rule or Reordering the activation sequence of Filter rules
  • To edit an existing Filter rule, select Edit for the Filter rule
    update and Save changes or select Cancel to leave the rule unchanged
  • To disable an active Filter rule, select Disable for the Filter rule
  • To enable an inactive Filter rule, select Enable for the Filter rule
  • To reorder the activation sequence of Filter rules
    Select and hold the Move icon  bars for a Filter rule
    to drag the rule either up or down and
    drop in a reordered activation sequence of Filter rules
  • To delete a Filter rule, select the Dustbin icon   to the right of the Filter rule
    and confirm by selecting the Delete button

So, go through the Filter rules that have been set up, Select Edit and identify the rules that have as an Action 'Mark email as Deleted'

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Annotation 2021-03-03 081749.jpg@Gondola this is through my work network - nothing important


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Use a diifferent browser, take a screenshot, image edit any personally identifiable data, upload and I'll take a look.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Yes i have reset pwd twice and no luck 


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Have you changed the password so that nothing is connected to the mailbox other than a browser that's signed in to the mailbox using the new password?

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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hi @Gondola i have managed to do what you said but emails are still coming into my talktalk webmail inbox with strike through - i dont normally open my webmail i just allow mails to come thro my samsung app automatically and so not sure what has happened.


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Hi drivingumad 


An explanation of strikethough messages seen in TalkTalk Mail webmail.


Clean up mail flagged for deletion



A 'Clean up' of a mailbox folder will search for, find and remove to Trash any mail messages marked for deletion.


An email client or app may be marking mail messages for deletion but then not deleting mail messages in the online mailbox. So, the Clean up option is there in the online mailbox to have a one-hit way of getting the folder's message count down by removing all marked for deletion mail messages. 


Such messages will have strike through text in the TalkTalk Mail List view but will look normal in the Detailed message view.


On Deletion just Mark for deletion is a user option setting in an email client or app.


Deleted mail messages remain in the Inbox and what's normally expected is that if the user rescinds a delete decision during a session then the email client or app simply removes the marked for deletion of the mail message. 


However, when the session comes to an end what's then expected is that the email client or app should trigger a mailbox deletion of the 'marked for deletion' mail messages. But if that doesn't happen those marked for deletion mail messages remain in the online mailbox.


So, if new mail incoming is being marked for deletion then it has to be acted on by an external email client that's perhaps auto-deleting mail messages.


So, I'd change the password again and this time don't change the password on any other mail app or service just so you know that the only thing acting on the mail messages is the TalkTalk mailbox setup.


Does my description above match exactly what you're seeing?  If not then take screenshots because this could be a browser issue doing the text strikethrough.


Changing browser e.g. switching from Chrome to Firefox would prove it's down to the browser.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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hi @Gondola  changed my webmail pwd - deleted any unrequired emails with strike through.


changed password


deleted account from gmail app and also deleted totally samsung app from my device -


sent myself a test mail to webmail from my wk email and still appears in inbox with strike through line 


still confused !!!!


Community Star
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Hi @drivingumad 


The strikethrough mail messages indicates that an email client has marked those messages for deletion.  But the purging of the mailbox to remove those deleted mail messages hasn't happened.


I suggest you change the mailbox password to lock out any unauthorised device and to lock out your existing devices.  Changing your email password 


Then save any wanted mail messages before deleting the account from the mail apps.  Then set up the mail apps afresh as IMAP email accounts. That way all devices will mirror what's on the TalkTalk Mail mailbox and be able to interact with all online folders.


Email settings - IMAP & POP3 





GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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