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I have received an email from talk talk saying that my account will be stopped soon.

I need to keep my email for business purposes. 

Please could you tell me if I pay for talk talk plus can i still see my emails through microsoft outlook?

Please contact asap





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Hi Mari


If you're not a TalkTalk Consumer (home broadband) customer your mailbox may get restricted to webmail only access and then deleted unless you've subscribed to  TalkTalk Mail Plus


The Mail Plus subscription covers up to 5 mailboxes (TalkTalk Mail email addresses) and includes access across supported email devices including Outlook (desktop).  The Outlook for mobile app doesn't connect directly to the TalkTalk mail servers but other mobile email apps are available and these will work with Mail Plus.


If you have a mail message from TalkTalk about restriction or deletion of your TalkTalk managed mailbox then add your TalkTalk mailbox address to a TalkTalk Consumer MailPlus MyAccount to avoid deletion after 180 days. After 60 days the mailbox is restricted to webmail only access.


When you're a MailPlus subscriber you'll be supported right here in Community alongside other TalkTalk Mail users.


Please let us know how you get on with the process of subscribing to MailPlus.

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