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emails disappearing

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why do my emails suddenly disappear , I use a windows 10 system and it is the latest version of talktalk webmail


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Hi @Powelly1 


I just covered this very question in your other topic about setting up an email app on your android phone.


If your email app on your android phone is set up as a POP3 account to communicate with the TalkTalk mailbox and that POP3 account has a default setting of downloading and deleting mail messages from the server then those mail messages will exist only on the android phone that you download to. So they'll not be seen in the Inbox of the other device(s) including the laptop.


If you're using multiple devices it's best to set up all email accounts as IMAP accounts. That way they all see what's in the Inbox and other folders on the TalkTalk Mail server.


Email settings - IMAP & POP3 

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