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f2s (freedom to surf)

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This ISP was gobbled up by talktalk a few years ago. Today I'm suddenly getting errors when trying to receive emails and webpages in the f2s domain seem inaccessible. Anyone else having trouble? Is this just a temporary fault?


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I don't have a TT Business colleague and don't understand several of the words you're using.
I'm a home user, not a business user. My f2s account was not a business account.
Someone called Jake at TTB said that they hope to have it all back up and running today so I hope that's true.
It's not just mailboxes. The whole of seems to be down.


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Can you see if there's some update from your TT Business colleague. 


Not sure I'd believe 'temporary outage' unless there's a planned move of mailboxes. 

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I managed to get through to the TTB chat box.

Person there said this is just a temporary outage.

That sounds more encouraging than talk of closing down.

I have several web pages on the f2s domain and still receive occasional emails through old f2s accounts so it would be terrible if any of this were to close.


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Nildram, gotadsl, apminternet - what?!! Sound like Star Wars characters or something!

No, I haven't been notified by anyone of any trouble. I desperately hope that they haven't closed anything. That would be disastrous.

I'll try this TTB you mention but this all sounds very disturbing.


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Hi @lemf2s 


f2s nildram and gotadsl are all managed by TalkTalk Business (TTB). This Community helps with TalkTalk Consumer email. We have no access to TTB email domains.


Have you been notified by TTB that these legacy domains are being closed? None of the above domains are responding.


Heads up that the email hosting as of this morning is not active.


The apminternet servers hosting these domains are still up and running. I therefore diagnose that because the f2s nildram and gotadsl mail servers are all not responding, that apminternet have ceased the domain hosting in accord with TTB planned closure of these legacy email domains.


TTB Ceasing Email Notice 01Mar2021


Go direct to TalkTalk Business (TTB) TTB Support to determine what's happening about the email domain. TTB are closing all of their managed email services so you should have received a notification from TTB. TTB should have a record of the registered user details to match to your personal details.


The The Very Good Email Company do host the gotadsl, nildram and f2s email platform, but all requests for service need to be made to TTB.  Call 0800 083 3003 - Mon-Sun 8am-6pm


Ask for the Email Product Manager to respond to you.

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