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failure to create new or add existing mailbox - need to start mailbox with fixed address

Whizz Kid
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I am having no success with trying (A) to create a new mailbox, or, alternatively (B), open an existing one (not certain if it does exist). 

( I am not showing the @tt.n bit)


Briefly, the problem starts with my trying to create or set up a Microsoft account. It goes OK until the time comes when the MS site wants to send a confirmation code to a mailbox it has as:  <myaddress1>   instead of my normal <myaddress>.

I can't seem to change this, so I want to add a new mailbox with the fixed address as:


(A) Trying to add a new mailbox....

I get through the Create panel OK, using address <myaddress1> and a valid (style) password which obeys the rules and gets a green tick. (Which I understand from other posts is not a definite acceptance). But when I click on the Create button, nothing happens.

Maybe the <myaddress1> is already taken by someone else.


(B) Trying to add an existing mailbox.

I try to add mailbox <myaddress1> in case it does exist already. But to no effect. 


BTW, in case anyone of you experts is able to examine my mailbox list, you will see that I deleted one obsolete unused mailbox ......mss.....

So the mailbox management works up to a point.

I wouldn't want that deletion to get in the way of a suggested solution. 


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Great support Gondola. Nice jayesjay on persisting with this to get your mailbox sorted. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Nice work. I'm pleased you got a result. Yes, you said the original email address was removed. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Whizz Kid
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I have managed to 

1) Set up a new talktalk  mailbox, named <myaddress2>,  with a password xxxabc

2) set up and working  email send and reception in both tt.mail website, and Desktop pc Outlook. with password xxxabc

3) set up my Microsoft account  with that mailbox address and a different password xxxcde - and successfully verifying and opening the MS a/c.

So all I needed at this moment is done, or seems to be OK - time and usage will tell. Thanks again for all help received.


I did confirm as you suggested that the original <myaddress1> name mailbox has been closed and blocked.






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You said you got a 'removed' error message so I assume that is the deleted email error. You won't see a Something went wrong message as that's when the email create doesn't accept your proposal for a new address. 


But I understand you needed the original email address to recover a Microsoft account. 


You can confirm that the original email address does not exist by sending it a mail message. You're going to see an unavailable or undeliverable bounce back error if the mailbox is deleted.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Whizz Kid
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I haven't tried to create or add any other email account other than the one I mentioned, <myaddress1>.

This because I seem to need that mailbox to complete a validation of my Microsoft account.

That is, MS insists on sending a required check code to that mailbox, and I don't seem to be able to change that destination, in the Microsoft process, not the talktalk one.

I assume that failure to create a new mailbox with the address <myaddress1> is because it is unavailable, locked out. However, I do not get the  "something wrong" banner, so maybe there is an addition problem.


But if I can't make <myaddress1> then that is the end of this exercise. Thanks.


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Hi jayesjay 


The Maxthon browser is not one I've personally tested with TalkTalk MyAccount. I'd assume as it's based on the Chrome engine under the Maxthon skin that the basic browser would work. Your post is unclear on whether you have been able to successfully create a new unique email address. The expected response from MyAccount is either a red banner saying '...Try again' or a green banner indicating '...successfully created' and the new email address listed in the My Mailboxes list.


As for adding an existing TalkTalk email address to your MyAccount, My Mailboxes, I note you got an error message indicating that the email address is permanently deleted. 


You're correct that the email address cannot be recovered nor recreated for security. 


 Deleted Email error message


Let us know if you need more help.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Whizz Kid
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Not to do with the subject, but I composed a reply explaining current situation, and it's annoying to find that the system does not show it. I thought I had pressed the reply button, perhaps I hadn't.


Anyway, down to the situation. I installed Maxthon browser and was able to get a response to my attempt to register the desired new mailbox <myaddress1>.


1) No response to CREATE new mailbox.


2) More significantly, attempt to ADD EXISTING mailbox got a result . The message in a small "speech" box (ie, not a large coloured strip) was that the named mailbox had already been used but had been removed, I gather from disuse (not being used for 6 months)

Elsewhere, possibly from FAQs, I  can't remember, it says that a removed mailbox cannot be restored - the name cannot be reused, cannot be valid .


This, while not a hoppy conclusion, solves the mystery, or would seem so,  It appears that this would be the simplest explanation, and we need not consider browser/provider software interaction.


Further comment welcome, meanwhile thanks everyone for help.



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Hi jayesjay 


The default Opera doesn't play nicely with MyAccount because of its tracker blocking and pseudo VPN. But if you turn those off or use Firefox in troubleshoot mode and restart to ensure extensions are not running that might otherwise interfere with MyAccount's correct functioning. Or Chrome after a reset.


Let us know how you fare.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Whizz Kid
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Thank you for your very prompt reply.


I am on fibre to the cabinet.


I did try Firefox as well as my default Opera.


I will look to se if I have another browser installed.


Community Star
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Hi jayesjay 


Are you now a full-fibre Fibre to the Premises customer with TalkTalk Consumer or still on Fibre to the Cabinet?


If nothing at all happens when you hit the Create button this means your browser is not interacting with the MyAccount webpage.  Use a different browser or reset the browser to defaults to clear cache and cookies including restarting with browser add-ons or extensions disabled.


If the chosen first part of the email address is not available then MyAccount will show a red banner message.

 Something went wrong. Please try again later.

Upon successfully creating an email address then MyAccount will show a green banner message.

 Your mailbox has been successfully created.

And the email address will be added to the My Mailboxes list. 


 Managing your email in My Account

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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