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First Timer
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Hi all, can anyone tell me how to get rid of the FEEDBACK tag on the right hand side of my email screen, its bang in the way when I want to scroll down.


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Hi mikeydo2 


I've learnt something new today whilst investigating the Feedback tab issue you reported.


I use a widescreen notebook and an ad-blocker add-on/extension to the browser. So what I see is the Feedback tab on the right side of the screen overlaying an empty 'skyscaper' panel on the right where a vertical panel of advertising would normally be shown.  So the Feedback tab obscures nothing.  When I resize the display window the empty advertising panel remains so still the Feedback tab obscures nothing.


But when I pause the ad-blocker and then resize the display window the 'skyscraper' advertising panel overflows off-screen and the Feedback tab can then obscure the Email List view and its scroll bar.  I guess this has been done to give as much viewable space to smaller display screen devices by sacrificing the vertical advertising panel.


What is the device you're using - a tablet I guess?  I can simulate the List View as follows: 


Feedback tab obscures slider Select List view 24Sep2019.png


The Feedback tab does obscure the scroll bar. TalkTalk could lower the Feedback tab and ensure the horizontal ad panel doesn't collide with it or allow it to uniquely occupy a column on the right side of the display so the tab doesn't overlay anything or just confine the Feedback item to the drop-down Main menu.


For now, unless you're using a smaller window on a larger screen display where you can just drag the side of the window and make it larger until the scroll bar isn't overlaid by the Feedback tab, I have a workaround.  Select the Vertical View (or Compact View) layout as below: 


Feedback tab obscures slider Select Vertical view 24Sep2019.png


The scroll bars for the Email List view are wholly visible allowing complete scrolling of the Folder.  The drag scroll bar for the Detailed view will allow you to drag down to view the email body.


If you wish to make the List pane larger then drag the right side of the pane divider more to the right. The Detailed view may then not be comfortably large enough for more than a quick scan of the message contents. 


But the trick is to double-click on the Email list View item to then have the Detailed view to almost full display just like the List View Layout you had originally.  The title of the message will be on the Blue header together with a Close X.  Select the Close X to return to the composite Vertical View layout.


I hope that is ok until TalkTalk can work out a compromise for the Feedback tab. My feeling is that TalkTalk do want the tab prominently displayed to gather feedback whilst we're all relatively new users.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi mikeydo2 


When you reply to this post by selecting the blue Reply button (if it says Quick Reply then Click here, unselect Turn on Quick Reply and Save Changes) you'll see above the Reply area a set of icons. The camera icon is the Insert Photos selector.


Community - Insert Photos (camera icon).png


In the mobile version of Community it's a picture image icon.  Selecting that will allow you to take a screenshot with the device camera or insert a saved photo.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi Gondola, thanks for getting back to me, I have no idea where the camera icon is there isn't one on my screen, the feedback tab is right in the way when I want to scroll down it sits right on top of the scroll down arrow' I have been on to talktalk help three times and no one seems to know how to get rid of it. hopefully you can help me thanks Mikeydo2


Support Team
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Hi mikeydo2, let us see what you're seeing as Gondola has asked. 

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Hi @mikeydo2 


Please take a screenshot to illustrate how the feedback tab gets in the way. Image edit to obscure any personal details before posting here using the Photos icon (camera) above this Reply area.


The Feedback tab as I see it is two thirds of the way down the pc / laptop / notebook screen on the right side overlaying the advertising block.  I don't see a particular problem.


It's not impacting the mobile browser version of TalkTalk Mail as it's disabled and is only present in the menu.  Make sure you don't have the desktop version selected for your mobile browser.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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