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mail to bounce back

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Hi I am trying to send an e mail to a address and it just bounces back yet using gmail it doesn't.

Both e mails sent using my phone 





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Hi @Ady-TalkTalk 


Works fine on TT Wi -Fi but not on data just tested again this morning and still the same issue.




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And is it all still working normally when using your TT wifi rather than EE mobile data? 



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Hi @Chris-TalkTalk 


I am still having the bounce back issues but now with different e mail addresses on data.

EE are blaming TT 

I have turned my phone off and back on but still the same issues but the addresses work fine using g mail on data.

EE have suggested I delete the e mail client of my phone and reinstall it but don't really want to do this


Help please





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Hi Pash02,

Please let us know how you get on


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Hi @Gondola 

Yes the e mail went through when i used TT WiFi 

After you said about EE being the issue i asked on the forum and they replied with this;


It seems that your EE public IP addy has been blacklisted. All you can do is report it to CS & try rebooting your device until you get a new clean IP.


You can check on your IP's blacklist @ IP Address Blacklist Check - What Is My IP Address 


No idea what this black list thing is or how to solve the issue but i will try switching my phone on and off a few times and contact EE CS for an answer.


Thank you for all your help 🙂

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Hi @Pash02 


I see that the TalkTalk outgoing SMTP server (d-6) is now just listed on SORBS SPAM. 


Did the email to the Live Mail address go through when using the TalkTalk Mail server via your router Wi-Fi?

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Hi Pash02 


An interesting weekend problem.


The originating IP address is the EE Mobile network.  So you're sending using mobile data. The sent message has a header that identifies the message with the tag even though you're correctly sending via the TalkTalk outgoing SMTP servers. I'm assuming the tag is being added by the email app on the 'phone.


The mail message is not being sent and there's an instant bounceback that references the microsoft servers. So, the implication is that microsoft is blocking the mail message.  But it's not clear that the reason for the block is because the EE Mobile network IP is blocked or the TalkTalk server IP is blocked.


The EE mobile IP address is on 4 blacklists.

The TalkTalk SMTP IP address is on 2 blacklists. (

The TT email admins will no doubt have noted the d-6 fail and will have it in hand to identify the reason for the spam listing and put remediation in place to improve the reputation *.


I suggest you see what happens when you switch off mobile data and use the Wi-Fi connection to your TalkTalk Home broadband router.


* was on 3 blacklists when first replying.

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