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miHoYo blocked by email server

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It looks like is begin blocked by TalkTalk's email server(s).  Normally I would recommend the use of gmail or hotmail for these types of accounts.  I've checked the spam folder and they have not been relocated there.


Would you kindly look into this.


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Hi stirkin 


The receipt of the mail message from no more than 30 minutes ago is welcome news.  No filter rules defined in your mailbox is great. Which means there's no local blocking or redirection of the mail.


The mail is not marked as spam: X-Spam = 0


The possibility remains that Cloudmark could defer for scanning due to the keywords in the content "Account verification process" but clearly has not done so for this mail send. So that's good. It may mean that Cloudmark has gone through a learning process and is now aware that the mail messages are not suspicious. If so, you may find all is good from here on.


Probably no need for TalkTalk Support but they're normally here during weekday core hours 6-7am to 3-4pm. This topic is in their workflow so you'll likely get a response. Let us know if there are any further issues.

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Thank you for the info


Already checked for filter rules, there are none.


Details already in personal information from previous questions/issue.


I went to repeat the process for the verification email, like I had done at least ten times before... were if failed. This time the email came through.   It seems to be working again at present.   I've attached the header once again from talktalk email.  Added additional verification to avoid original issue but also allow the continuation of tracing the issue.


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Hi stirkin 


A long reply for you so bear with me.


The email message was received by Microsoft servers so a first look at the header reveals the checks that Microsoft made and reported on.


Spam Confidence Level is 1 (My comment: Ideal is 0 but 1 is a pass)

Phishing Confidence Level is 2 (My comment: Ideal is 0 but 2 is also a pass)

Bulk Complaints Level is 0 (My comment: Ideal is 0)


The message is sent by a server that is a permitted server listed on the SPF file. (My comment: Perfect)

The message is DKIM signed. (My comment: Perfect)

There is no effective DMARC policy in place. DMARC checking would refer to the main domain for which there is no DMARC policy. (My comment: Not so good)


In summary, if the message from is being blocked by TalkTalk it may be because of TalkTalk having a stricter anti-phishing policy than Microsoft and when checking the domain finds no DMARC policy and possibly checks and finds no DMARC policy and sees the spam block listings for the parent domain.  TalkTalk also relies on CloudMark not fingerprinting the email content as spam.


Otherwise there's no clear reason, in my opinion, for the mail message being blocked. So TalkTalk would need to check the network filters for


Before doing so, they'd need confirmation that your TalkTalk Mail mailbox is not running any filter rules and then details from you of the last failed to receive message i.e. when it may have been blocked.


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your email address and password, select Sign in.


Compose and self-send, to the same email address as you're signed in to, a mail message. Check that the message sends without error, is copied into the Sent objects folder and arrives and stays in the Inbox.


Mail not reaching the Inbox could mean there's a Filter rule, including an Auto forward which is a special filter rule, that's diverting, discarding or blocking mail.

  • To check, select the Main Settings menu icon      triple line icon top right on the blue header
    (Mobile browser? use the desktop version)
  • Select Settings from the top of the menu
  • Select the inward facing arrowhead by Mail (or Email) in the left side panel
  • Select Filter Rules
    If you see the message 'There is no rule defined', that's perfect
  • To delete a Filter rule including any Auto forward
    select the Dustbin icon    to the right of the rule
    The icon background will turn red    
  • To confirm you really want to delete this Filter rule
    Select the blue Delete button

Let us know of any error message, or if mail did not arrive in the Inbox or disappeared from the Inbox or if you had to delete a Filter rule. If you did delete (or disable) a filter rule then please recheck receipt of the message(s) that you may need to ask to be re-enabled if sending is suspended because of blocking at your mailbox level.


Prepare for TalkTalk Mail Support by including in your Community Profile, Personal Information (here):

  • Your name, current TalkTalk home 'phone number. An alternative (mobile preferred) contact number. Full address with postcode (Location)
  • Scroll down to Private notes to add your email address, the sender's email address and date of non receipt, notes and references etc
  • After checking and updating, Save changes

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Hope the attached helps. Tried a .txt and received the following from drag and drop: The file type (.txt) is not supported. Valid file types are: pdf, doc, ppt, docx, pptx, xlsx, psd, gz, zip, svg, .txt.


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Hi stirkin 


Do you have a copy of a recent mail message received from the sender.  Perhaps a message delivered to Gmail? Seeing the raw header (view source) might give a clue to deliverability issues.


The domain features on at least 4 spam blocklists.


The domain appears clean but I'd need to see the raw header to come to a conclusion about the reputation of the mail sender.

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