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moving from pop3 to imap, on android phone, also Kindle HD

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Does anyone know, please, the correct incoming and outgoing server settings I need to use in order to change my Samsung phone and kindle HD pipex email over from pop3 to imap?. I am NOT very confident with I.T.


The phone is currently set to

incoming;, security type "none", port 110

Outgoing:, security type "none", port 25


Kindle HD

incoming;, use secure connection (SSL) no, port 110

Outgoing:, use secure connection (SSL) no, port 587


TalkTalk are advising making the change, but I would welcome advice from those who know more than I do (so pretty much anyone!) as to whether this is necessary / essential. I also use a laptop (outlook), but the settings for that are in a post on this site.

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Hi @Ronald67 


I'll assume you haven't got any mail messages you want to keep that are only on the mobile devices? If you have then save them to a folder or another mail account as you may lose them in the change from POP to IMAP.


The change from POP to IMAP requires that you remove the mail account from each device and then add afresh as an IMAP (other) mail account.


The setup should be automatic by entering the email address and password.  Sometimes this works and sometimes not. So, if you need the manual / advanced settings they are:


Incoming;, security type "SSL/TLS", port 993

Outgoing:, security type "StartTLS", port 587


Some Samsung phones will ask use TLS/SSL? The answer is yes.


Kindle HD

Incoming;, use secure connection (SSL) yes, port 993

Outgoing:, use secure connection (SSL) yes, port 587


Both require a sign in using Normal Password


If you need additional help then just say. Sometimes the email apps don't set up as you'd expect them to or may not present the expected options.

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Thanks, that is helpful.

Do I HAVE to make the change, or can I just stick with pop3?.
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Hi @Ronald67 


You most certainly can stay with POP3 communication as both POP3 and IMAP are supported by the TalkTalk Mail platform.


I would urge you to upgrade to secure SSL/TLS communication though as every time you use insecure email the message content and password is vulnerable to interception between you and the mail server.


You should be able to just switch on the secure SSL/TLS settings manually without changing the account type.  If secure settings do not set up correctly then you may need to re-enter the password when prompted / accept a certificate when prompted or in some cases remove the account and set up afresh.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

 Give Likes below to appreciate my help . . . and to help others Best Answer

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Splendid, thanks v.much for this sound advice.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Ronald67, it's great to see that it's sorted. Gondola is always a safe pair of hands and will always get things sorted. 


Thanks for marking the post as best answer too that's a great help to others.



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Great, that worked for me! But why can't the Knowledge Base article tell you that? It doesn't mention at all.