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problem with getting into e-mail.

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Morning, My comp done 3 windows updates yesterday, Since then l can sign into my e-mails but then have to wait ex amount of time before it comes up on screen,all the time lam waiting all you see is 3 little circles fading in & out, any help please, thankyou.


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Hi Gondola,

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I will post the new thread on Sunday,



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Hi GrumblyBear 


You post a new topic and I'll escalate it to the TalkTalk team.


Heads up that as it's less than an hour to the weekend close off point for the UK team supporting Community you can, if you wish, take your time, maybe get some more evidence of what's happening from your viewpoint and post the new topic on Sunday for pick up by the team early next week.

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Hi megawhite and Gondola,

The problems I am experiencing accessing email are not affected by the status of McAfee; i.e. McAfee on - problems, McAfee off - problems!

Also I have exactly the same problems using another computer and also using different internet browsers.


The only way I can access email is:


  1. Go through the normal login process
  2. I'm then presented with the dreaded 'three grey dots' page
  3. I've waited various lengths of time sometimes exceeding 10 minutes
  4. Reload the TalkTalk home page
  5. Click on 'Mail'
  6. Inbox opens without the need to enter my email address/password

I have also noted that if I close my browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) after the 'three grey dots' page, re-open the browser, re-load the TalkTalk Home page and click on 'Mail' the Inbox opens, once again without  the need to enter my email address/password.


I have tried both of the above methods on my usual computer and also the 'other' computer and the results are the same.   


Any other suggestions before I start a new thread as suggested by Gondola.


May I ask if my new thread will be treated as a problem specific to myself and therefore answered/resolved by a TalkTalk engineer or do I have to rely on the good will and assistance of other members of the community?

Kind regards,



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Hi GrumblyBear 


I think I've done all I can on this thread, owned by radar333, to identify the issues faced by most of us, raise those with TalkTalk, and see that a fix has been deployed that seems to have worked on several issues. 


I now think it's best to start your own Topic in Help with your TalkTalk Service (Email & Webmail) Click here.  See if TalkTalk can help you by raising an individual fault ticket for your mailbox.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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No more Outlook credentials dialogues for me and webmail still logs in quickly so the TT infrastructure is working ok.


How long is it taking you to log in to web mail?  Is this definitely with McAfee turned off as you previously mentioned?

What happens if you try webmail on another computer or tablet or mobile phone?

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Hi Gondola,

I'm pleased megawhite is now sorted but unfortunately I am still experiencing exactly the same frustrations/problems accessing my email.

Please help.




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Hurray no Outlook credentials prompt waiting for me this morning and webmail logs in immediately.

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Hi Andy


The delays being resolved have also seemed to fix a speedtester issue so kudos to the Network team for finding the cause.


I'm sincerely hoping it is a permanent fix.  I didn't comment before but your method in the circumstances really only adds to any delay because of queuing up lots of requests for authentication.


Do let us know if there are any continuing problems though. That's always appreciated.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Apparently so, thanks for the update.  No Outlook credentials dialogues all evening.  I will report back if the credentials dialogue is waiting for me in the morning.


Also I logged in and out of webmail 5 times and it went in immediately every time.  No 30 second login delays.


Let's see if it stays fixed.

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Hi Andy and previous contributors to @radar333's topic.


A recent issue with TalkTalk Mail is reported as resolved. Has this also resolved your reports?


Problems accessing TalkTalk mail 

Update 8 pm - We can confirm the earlier issues have been fully resolved, we thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience.

Just in case, I'd already alerted the TalkTalk team so this will be picked up on Wednesday.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Sorry it did not work for you also.  I tested again and after 8 attempts of refreshing after 5 seconds there was no access.


I also tried logging in simultaneously in 3 browser tabs to see which would get there first.  They all waited 30s then the mail site got confused because of the multiple sessions.


Sorry looks like you're stuck wasting time with web mail until they finally acknowledge the authentication issues and fix it!


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Hi Gondola and megawhite,

I tried turning off McAfee Real Time Scanning last night and attempted to login to my email. This made no difference to the ongoing email login problem!


In addition I tried the method suggested by megawhite; i.e.


  1. Click 'Mail' button on TalkTalk home screen
  2. Enter email address in the 'Your TalkTalk email address' box
  3. Click 'Continue'
  4. Enter password
  5. Click 'Sign In' button
  6. Login screen goes 'dim/greyed out'
  7. Wait 5 seconds
  8. Come out of mail into the main TalkTalk screen

Repeat steps 1-8


The result:

After the completion of the second 'Step 8' the login screen was replaced by the white screen with the three grey dots. This screen is displayed on each subsequent login attempt. I tried 20-30 times last night but was unable to access my email so this 'work around' does not appear to work for me.


I tried again this morning and, after clicking on the 'Sign In' button and waiting 40 seconds with the 'dim/greyed out' screen displayed, I did eventually managed to access my emails.


Whilst I appreciate megawhite's suggested hack to overcome the fact that "the server is simply failing authentication requests" surely TalkTalk can devise a more permanent and less stressful solution. 


I note that radar333 first logged this problem on 12 September, almost three weeks ago. Is it possible therefore to escalate  this matter and request TalkTalk to take urgent action to ensure this problem is satisfactorily resolved once and for all without any further delay.


Once again many thanks to you and megawhite for your help.





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"Sometimes the Login/Password box does 'dim/greyed out' for up to 30 seconds then the screen goes white with three grey circles fading in and out.
Other times the screen goes white immediately with the three grey circles."


Oh look, authentication server failing wasting someone else's time as well.  Exactly the same as I experience with webmail.  A 30 second retry timer keeps trying until eventually it succeeds.


The way you hack around this is by clicking login, then if your webmail does not appear within 5s refresh the web page and log in again.  Keep doing that until it gets in.


The server is simply failing authentication requests so by doing this you can keep hitting it with retries faster than the apparent automatic 30s retry.


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Hi GrumblyBear 


Good to know the unwanted apparently saved logins have gone. On the issue of it taking a long time to login; yes, 30 minutes is way too long.  I'd suggest allowing no more than 30 seconds.


Did you try pausing McAfee to see if that was holding up the sign in process?

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Thanks for your latest reply and there is no need to apologise for the slight delay..

Unfortunately I am still experiencing ongoing frustration/difficulties in logging into my email account.

As pointed out previously the process I follow is:
Click 'Mail' button on TalkTalk home screen
Enter email address in the 'Your TalkTalk email address*' box
Click 'Continue'
Enter password
Click 'Sign In' button
Sometimes the Login/Password box does 'dim/greyed out' for up to 30 seconds then the screen goes white with three grey circles fading in and out.
Other times the screen goes white immediately with the three grey circles.

Following your advice I was very patient and waited for more than 10 minutes, which I am sure you will agree is far greater than your suggested 'for a few more seconds'!

If I come out of mail into the main TalkTalk screen and re-click on 'Mail' the 'Inbox' does then open.
However sometimes the above process just re-starts; i.e. I have to login again, etc., and eventually my Inbox opens and I finally have access my emails, assuming of course that I have not 'thrown my computer out of the window' in the meantime!! (It took me 6 attempts this morning to access my emails.)

With respect to my other problem regarding the inability to remove 'saved' logins I followed your advice, namely:

Right click on 'Your TalkTalk email address*' box
'Fill In' box opens
Left click on the 'View Saved Logins' box
Saved logins box opens
The top line of the 'saved logins' box shows ''
The main part of the 'saved logins' box has the following title: 'The following logins match your search'
However this box is completely empty and does not contain any entries.

When I click on the 'Your TalkTalk email address*' box, three saved entries are shown, i.e.
my email address and two other entries.
These two other entries are not email addresses but are passwords to web sites un-related to TalkTalk.

I have clicked on the 'Tools' button in Firefox
Clicked on 'Options' in the drop down list
Clicked on 'Privacy and Security'
Under the 'Logins and Passwords' heading I have ticked 'Ask to save logins and passwords for web sites'
Clicked on 'Exceptions'
Entered '' in the 'Address of web site' box
Clicking on 'Saved Logins' reveals no saved entries

I have followed your advice regarding the automatic logout settings, namely:

Click on the 'three line Settings' box between the 'Online help ?' and 'log out' symbols.
Click on 'Settings' in the drop down list.
My 'Basic Settings' screen is the same as that shown in your latest response; i.e. 'Automatic sign out - disabled'.

Having tried and failed to remove the 'saved logins' following your advice I decided to clear the surfing history in Firefox. To my surprise the 'saved' logins disappeared so I entered my email address in the 'Your TalkTalk email address*' box. However the next time I logged in to my email and left clicking on the 'Your TalkTalk email address*' box my email addressed was displayed as a drop down.

So despite having ticked 'Ask to save logins and passwords for web sites' my email address is still being saved. Even if I un-tick 'Ask to save logins and passwords for web sites', which if I understand correctly means that no logins/passwords are saved by Firefox, my email address is still displayed on the TalkTalk mail login screen. However the good news is the unwanted 'saved logins' are gone.

I have tried Hotmail email using Firefox and my email address is not saved. Therefore it seems to me that the 'saving' of my email address is being carried out by TalkTalk. However I can live with it if there is no solution you can offer.

I am so sorry for the length of this post and hope you have been able to follow my ramblings.
Once again any help you can offer to resolve these problems, especially the frustratingly lengthy email login process, would be gratefully appreciated.


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Hi GrumblyBear 


Apologies for the delay in coming back to you.  A busy day today.


As you've confirmed you're using Firefox I've tested the removal of unwanted sign ins and as the removal seems to have worked for me I have no solution other than my post 18, above.  I'll try and make the operation work for you...


Here's an image of my TalkTalk Mail sign in page after I'd removed two of the saved logins.


TalkTalk Mail sign in - View Saved Logins.png


If you go to the TalkTalk Mail sign in page then you should be presented with the saved logins. 

  • Select View Saved Logins
  • Highlight the ones you don't want - the background colour will change
    in my case the default backgound colour is blue
  • Select Remove
  • Select Close
  • You'll return to the sign in page and the removed sign ins will not be there

If you have ticked the stay signed in tick box on the sign in page then just leave TalkTalk Mail signed in on a Firefox tab so that you can come back to that tab and resume TalkTalk Mail.


If you sign out of TalkTalk Mail then you will need to sign in again when you return and when the session is closed. i.e. when you close down your computer and come back the next day you'll usually sign in afresh. 


Sign out.png


But make sure that the Automatic sign out is set to disable:


Automatic sign out disable.png


On the question of signing in and experiencing delays or having to sign in more than once. I have noted that over the last week it has sometimes been taking longer than expected to authenticate the sign in and then to fully load the mailbox content. I've found that just being patient for a few more seconds is the 'trick' and the sign in gets there and content does load bit by bit within a few more seconds.  I did try Chrome to see if that made a difference to load times.  No significant difference.


I have been making sure that my mobile sessions are signed out before I resume a home connection as I think an active mobile session does delay the home connection authentication.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Hi Gondola,

My Internet Browser is Firefox and I have carried out the steps you advise but the unwanted logins are still present. Any other suggestions?

Now back to the original problem regarding email login.

I appear to have been too optimistic with my response stating the problem had been resolved. Unfortunately it has now returned with a further complication!!

Now when I come out of mail into the main TalkTalk screen and re-click on the 'Mail ' button I am taken back to the email login screen and have to start the procedure again, sometime more that once before the the email Inbox opens.

Once again any help to resolve the problem would be gratefully received.



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Thanks for posting back to let us know it's sorted Grumblybear.

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi GrumblyBear 


These are saved logins held in your Internet browser. Which browser are you using?


For example in Firefox:

  • Select Tools > Options
  • Privacy & Security
  • Scroll down to Logins and Passwords and select Saved Logins
  • Select Show Passwords and then Confirm
  • Search for ""
  • Highlight the ones you don't use and select Remove

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Gondola and OCE_Ady,

Everything now seems  to be working OK.

Many thanks to you both.

It's not part of the original reported problem but could I seek your advice on the following:

When clicking in the TalkTalk email address box the drop down 'saved' list includes 2 entries that I wish to delete. How do I remove them? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.