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putting emails into spam

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Since the new web mail upgrade emails I put into spam do not stop. I mark them as spam but then next day will receive same again. Can anyone tell me how to put emails into spam permanently. It seems not as easy as before upgrade


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Hi @jontov 


Read your reply. Did you use the old webmail filtering much? Customers marked email as Spam, same as now. The sender got added to a personal block list. That had three distinct problems.

  1. In some cases people ended up blocking their own email address or a wanted email address.
  2. In most instances more than 50 addresses being blocked ended up in the filtering not working as expected.
  3. Spammers change sending email addresses regularly so personal block filters usually contained many abandoned email addresses.

The reliable identification of spam and blocking that on the network for the benefit of all is the aim alongside minimal false positives.


You can still use personal block filters in TalkTalk Mail and filtering built in to email clients. The filtering options are there for those who use email addresses that have become known to spammers. 


What's your recommended solution to solving spam? 

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read the answer ,sounds very complicated compared to old mail,why do away with something that works.seems talktalk do everything they can to upset customers



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Hi @MillportDragon 


You'll receive an email notification about this reply - don't reply to the email just come back here to Community by clicking on your subject title Re: putting emails into spam in the email notification.


When you select an email you have the option to Mark as spam. That alerts the TalkTalk filters on what characteristics to look for in spam emails but does not block the sender.


Marking as Spam.png


You'll see if you select the Actions on emails triple line icon, that's part of the email view, there is the option to Mark as spam and the bottom option is to Create filter rule. That's where you can choose to discard emails from the sender.

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I got through to the filter instructions below but when I click on the 3 horizontal line icon it doesn't offer me the final choice.  You have to understand that I am an older user and indeed am not sure I can get back to this page again, so:


1. don't know how to stop the dozens of constantly repeating emails coming in which I tag as spam and that doesn't make any difference at all


2. how I am going to receive your advice on this.  will try again to access later for response but its taken me ages to get here and I am not convinced I can get back.


Fingers crossed!



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Hi @district 


In the Classic webmail you would mark an email as Spam and two things would happen. The email would be put in the Trash folder for deleting and the personal Blocked Senders Filter would be updated to block the sender. 


On the TalkTalk Mail platform it's a bit more subtle. The Spam marked email is put in to the Spam folder and the TalkTalk Cloudmark Authority Engine is notified that you've marked an email as spam.  Cloudmark is the network based spam filtering that gathers information from users and other external information to be able to identify spam, primarily from a content analysis, and to block that spam on the network for the benefit of all users. The one thing it might not do is provide an immediate block for a specific sender.


You can select an email and use the Mark as spam selection on the toolbar or in the drop down more actions menu within the email display. Please do that for real spam as that's helping the TalkTalk blocking filters learn to identify spam.


You can use Filter Rules to reject emails from a specific sender. Select the email, select the More actions menu within the email display and select Create filter rule.


Filter Rules - Select the email - Create filter rule.png


 Filter Rule - Blocked sender.png


  • Give the rule a name
  • Decide if you need multiple conditions to apply
  • The subject title is included by default
    If discarding / rejecting the sender's email is required regardless of subject then
    Select the dustbin icon for the 'Subject' condition
  • Add an action
    In this example, Discard
    or choose Reject with reason - add the reason in the text box
  • Decide if you need other rules to run (or untick Process subsequent rules)
  • Select the blue Save button

You've now prevented the sender's emails from arriving in your Inbox.

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