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Does anyone know how long talktalk email will continue working for if you leave talktalk?


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Hi @JHB2708


The official line is that if you leave TalkTalk you cannot keep the email.  That's in Terms and Conditions v20180101 TalkTalk Broadband 2.4c. 


However, the present unofficial line is that the email address will remain functional so long as you log in to the account at least once every 180 days.  Your MyAccount remains functional for 12 months after leaving and whilst you have access to MyAccount you can change email password or delete the email account.  Once you lose access to MyAccount you can still use the password reset facility but you'll not be able to delete the email account.


There is a rider to the foregoing and it relates to the new TalkTalk Mail that is due to be launched soon.  TalkTalk customers will have free access to the new Mail platform.  That what is currently stated in the related FAQ.  But I believe that ex customers may be asked to pay a fee if they wish to retain the new Mail service.  The full details of if and when that would happen will no doubt become available in due course.

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Providing you log in regularly it will go on for as long as you like or you disable it.

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