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I have tried on a few occasions to get some help from Tiscali help centre and still cannot solve the issues i have - please can some of you clever folks help?


I am being sent a reset email from facebook which is going straight into my spam folder and being deleted immediately but i need to open the email from Facebook to reset password.


I have just looked myself and cannot find where to change settings so contacted Tiscali online and they have told me to go to system menu icon right of screen - think i am doing this right but cannot expand the email option as there isn't one ?


Anyone out there who can help me pleeeease 🙂


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Hi @Dilly88 


Launch an Internet browser and sign in to TalkTalk Mail webmail and check for your mail from Facebook there.


So long as you haven't set up an Auto forward to send your mail off elsewhere and not using a mail collection service that deletes mail when it does the collection, then you should see it in the Inbox, or the Spam folder if it's been tagged as spam.  But TalkTalk leaves the spam folder for 30 days before deleting any unwanted spam.

Enter your tiscali email address and your tiscali email password, select Sign in.


Let us know if you need additional help.

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