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TV shows & Movies you would recommend

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I don't watch that much TV or movies  but recently I have been finding "The Curse Of Oak Island" fascinating. I watched the movie "Dead Mans Shoes" last night. So gripping and would recommend

Cop show's - Anything real. The Police Interceptors is decent and "24 hours in Police custody"  can be fascinating at times.

Soaps - Corrie is a fave. (Mainly because I fancy Samia Ghadi - So cute.)

What has you gripped?


Relaxing  TV for me is "Father Brown" (Bunty is so beautiful) and "The Repair Shop" can be so relaxing and heart warming.


What's your excitement and chill out TV ?


(I know there's a a "Entertainment" thread here but I found it a bit non chatty.)

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I am not big fan of TV serial and etc. but I have couple to propose
Queen's Gambit - (nice picture and relaxing)
One Strange Rock - (scientistic serial, very interesting)

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