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The TalkTalk Hub

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Why does TalkTalk not provide the talktalk hub free of charge to existing fibre customers or even all of its customers. I know it will be slightly more expensive to produce than the othe routers but none of the other ones are really fit for purpose and dont even have gigabit ethernet ports in 2018... Surely the customer satisfaction of having a properly working hub woukd be worth the slight more expense and considering how many of the other routers need to be replaced surely wouldnt even cost that more. All other ISP’s give out their top router for free even to non fibre customers and not just new customers either and so I dont see why talktalk are holding back on their long time loyal customers by forcing them to pay for any decent form of hardware.

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The thing is that most expensive routers out there are only as good as the people who use them. Wireless interference is an annoying and ever increasing fact of life. Users need to recognise that and be prepared to tune their equipment accordingly. The best router in the world won't solve your issues without doing that.