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i get fed up with all the negative comments aimed at TalkTalk, so what about this, i recently turned 65 and the gov mucked up my pension benefit, as they have not been paying it at all, for 14 weeks  chronic serious health issues ,scrambles my concentration, and i never even bothered to check my bank statements, thinking all was well..........that mistake or error on my part my friends , meant my savings turned to zero, and overdraft at its max, i had to contact TalkTalk to explain the fact that there was no monies to cover  my standing orders with Talktalk, and  ' others.'................the  'others  ' were not too much interested in this,genuine reason for not  being able to pay their cash. 


TT on the otherhand were excellent ... no late payment charges were added and they also gave me  another  21 days,to sort my problems out, and they are fixed out now..i estimated correctly that the goverment owed me £3500, and am grateful for the attitude,  compassion  and polite assistance  i received from TT customer support agentsso i thank them all...


i had a 4tb external hard drive which packed in last month, and i had to dowload 297 gig of mainly music,and when i checked with BT to see what overcharges would have been they would have charged me an extra 187£, so i have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that  'unlimited downloads ' ,means what it says 


 other ISPs, boast they too have unlimited download but i know that claim is false, by my comparison above 


i saw a promo for a new offer from TT,  which was a fair bit  cheaper than the one i had


a quick live chat ,is all I did  to take adevantage of it., and got it as a ' loyalty ' reward, and its a no brainer when it comes to choosing one's ISP,


i have 2 mobile phone  one of them is ' FREE ', faster broadband, all day calls free mobile to landline and other free to call some  premium numbers 0870 etc.,free Youview TV box , and i pay  £45 a month for the lot...that is 15 cups of decent coffee.if one is lucky. so what is the rest of the world waiting for. a discount lol give em a bell


thank you TalkTalk for your A1 services , attitude and your kind understanding when i was in a wee bit of financial bother which is now fixed.

with sincereity and kind regards