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R.I.P. Broadband


The tiny Suffolk town of Mildenhall is the second place where Openreach has stopped selling copper products as the company develops its strategy for withdrawing legacy telephone lines.

The "stop-sell" order came into effect on 4 May, and also extends to copper-based phone connections. It follows a similar stop-sell edict in Salisbury, which last year became the first UK city to receive full-fibre coverage.


While this decision hasn't had an immediate impact on those hanging onto their slower copper lines, it has meant those hoping to switch providers or upgrade their connection will be pushed to a digital-only service.


It is expected that OR will stop selling "Copper" in 4 years time and everything will be Fibre. 


Full story here.

Community Star

Thanks for posting this, @Birchcroft.


It's not really a "help with your Talktalk service" issue though, but an important bit of news.


I'm moving it to the community lounge for general discussion. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

@Gliwmaeden2No problem. The reason I posted it in Broadband rather than Community is that I thought that the Broadband customers who are upset at being pushed towards Fibre would be more likely to come across it.  Thus helping them gain an understanding of why its being done and that effectively it is outside TalkTalk's control.


OR have now issued more details of their Stop Sell Programme with dates for each tranche.  A copy can be found here.  It also contains a link to a document listing the affected exchanges.