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Abismal speed from new WI-FI router

First Timer

Went live with new contract with TalkTalk Residential Fibre plus Boost, Jan 7th 2019, having transfered from TalkTalk Business Fast Fibre. (obtaining 86Mbps plus from day one, for three years)

Following questionable stabalisation period of 14 days on new connection only achieving 16Mbps contacted customer service, transfered to Tech dept who identified problem in line sent second engineer, he found unconnected cable, broken wire in green box, fixed, attended home to check installation, found no problems but rebooted router and instantly achieved 57Mbps which he presumed would improve over 24hrs.

No such luck, best speed achieved is back to 15.9Mbps although router is showing 80Mbps upload speed, but T T speed check is only giving repeated tests of 16Mbps.

have contacted Tech again they say they doing tests on line which will disconnect broadband, 35minutes later, nothing happend.

anyone any ideas, 

I am no dolt when it comes to computers but sometimes i'm left speechless


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi panst1100,


Please can you update your forum profile to include your telephone number so that we can look into this further. To do this go into "my settings" then "personal information" then add your details.

Please do not post any personal information on the forum.