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Absolutely Appauling Customer Service


my father is a customer. he is elderly and not very tech savy.


he recently opted for the speed boost. your sales team took advantage of this fact and didnt give him a speed boost. instead you sold him a dud package.


he had to re ring up and get the right package after i informed him you misled him. taking advatage of an elderly man is most definately not a great start.


now after this package was finally "opted for" ever since our internet speed has halfed and begun cutting out intermittantly.


what is even worse, every time i have contacted your team to get this sorted out i am met with obtuse staff who do not help me or my father in any way shape or form.


if i report a problem about an account. i should not have to provide security details about the account, as you do not need to divulge any informaion to myself.


you know which account has a fault and that you should fix it, but becuase i ask instead of my father, you wont.


then when i get my father to contact you (beacause you wont help me) you know you can give him the run around so you do, and nothing gets fixed.


this has happened on serval occasions and i and my father are contemplating going to another ISP that are not complete and totaly useless.


can you please amend your policies and sort out how your staff deal with error reports and complaints.


becuase right now, your service is a farse


me and my father will be waiting for a formal appology and for our service (which we are still paying for and not reciveing) to be fixed.

Community Star

Sorry to hear that you have been having problems, but account security is not only important to keep customers safe, it is also the Law. 


If you could explain if there are any particular issues you would like the online support team to look into they will gladly do so. They will also guide you as to what security information is required. You can start by including the TalkTalk landline number concerned on your community profile (click here).

Community Star

Hi @jamesisannoyed the quickest way to get this resolved is to add your father details to the community profile especially his landline phone number. This will allow the TT team here to identify the account, check the line and diagnose what's going wrong.


In the meantime you might want to divulge what package and promised performance he is on and what he's receiving, also if checks are being made wired or wireless.


Please don't publish any personal details here, be people are everywhere.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Wizz Kid
These are famous service quotes/strap-lines worth looking at TT

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”
“There is place in the world for any business that takes care of its customers – after the sale.”
“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.”
“When you serve the customer better, they always return on your investment.”
“Ask your customers to be part of the solution, and don’t view them as part of the problem.”
“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” – J. C. Penny
“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.” – Henry Ford
Community Star

@bigkenny  In May 2020 J C Penney filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Henry Ford was a notorious anti-semite. Be careful who you cite as role models. And maybe a salutary reminder not to post off topic.


perhaps i didnt explain well enough.


let me explain, why they dont need any security details from me or to divulge any customer details to me.


if talktalk sold my father gas insted of internet.


if i was at home by myself an noticed a gas leak (a fault).

if i rang up the gas company to tell them there was a fault. do you think they would say...

"we cant do anything untill your father rings us up" ?


no, they would fix the problem.


i have not asked for any personal details to be divuldged nor do i want any. i am just reporting a fault. the customer service team are hiding behind nonsense policy as a way to not have to fix it.


as said all they need is my home landline number (which i have added to my profile) to get the account up and fix it.


are talktalks security policies so backwards/stupid that telling me they are going to fix the problem counts as "divulging personal information" ?


sorry if this comes across as im angry, but i am, and for good reason.


big kenny was completely on topic .


you ferguson however. aiming to silence valid disent by using labels like "anti-semite"


are a comletely differnet kettle of fish. please keep your nonsense out of this discussion if your not going to help

Community Star

@jamesisannoyed Now that you have completed your profile the support team can have a look. If there are any obvious external issues they can probably deal with them. If there are further diagnostics to be undertaken and there is a possibility of potential charges being applied then the account holder will have to be involved. TalkTalk will be sympathetic to family members helping and there are formal processes which can be set up with this sort of thing.


If TalkTalk had any responsibility for gas leaks I am sure they would act immediately.


not that you need this.


all tests done wired.


before complaining on here: ping 40s, dl 18mbs, ul 5-6mbs


magically after this thread gets read by the one compitent staff member employed by talk talk (thanks who ever you are) ping 30s, dl 50mbs, ul 14mbs


however i have seen these "good" readings before in the past 2 weks only to have my internet intermittantly cut out and them return to potatoe speed.


so this issue is not resolved yet.....


also, untill i get a formal explanation, appolgy and company plan asto real change about the other much larger problem of taking advantage of elderly customers.


that issue isnt soved either.

Wizz Kid
Thanks for that `jamesisannoyed` to throw that at me is well below the belt from `ferguson ` how the hell that remark was thrown in the mix at me is......well I`m gob smacked
Community Star

It wasn't thrown at you? Henry Ford. Try Google.


again.....ferguson, your not helping.


you know what you did, stop pretending otherwise.

again, incase you didnt, you aimed to silence valid dissent by using/implying derrogative labels such as "anti-semite"


most of what you said was off topic and not helpful and i wish you would stop. (take the hint)


may i remind everyone, that, tbh, untill an actual memebr of talktalk staff responds to myself on here. everything any (non staff) member posts in reply to my topic is pretty much entirely useless.




No STAFF have replied as yet !


Suggest you actually wait for a reply as constant posting just pushes it down the queue, older posts are answered first.



Community Star

I wasn't implying anything. I said quite clearly that Henry Ford was an anti-semite. Which I think somewhat diminishes any quotes others choose to use of his approving of him as a bastion of customer service. Are we clear now?


Let's wait for the support team. 


no we are not, you aimed to silence valid dissent.


using backhanded tactics which you are now trying to wiggle yourself out of.


using your backwards logic you may as well say dont drink water cuz hitler, stalin and attila the hun did aswell.


you dont seem in any way concernend that the compnay you are currently defending has taken advantage of my elderly father (and is continuing to do so). that just shows in platittudes what kind of person you really are.


please just remove yourself from this conversational topic and refrain from posting any furtherr messages entirely, as you are not being helpful in any way shape or form.

Community Star

I hardly silenced it, my mistake was drawing attention to it for which I do apologise. I didn't imagine it would blow up this way, my bad. 


no you didnt silence it, but you tried to. please refrain from doing so in future.

every human being is allowed to complain.


i hope you have learnt from your error you can see that what you did was wrong.


thank you for apologising for your wayward behaviour

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi James


I've had a look at the connection and line, and all tests are clear, nothing obvious stands out.


The connection is in sync at 55.4mb, so is within estimated values.


The DLM system has made a number of changes with the last change at 00:45 when interleaving was applied.


I can see a number of retrains (drops) on the line. 


When the line drops does the light on the router start flashing ?


Do you have access to another router for testing ?


Can you check the home phone and make sure there is a clear dial tone, no noise or crackles present.


Have you tested at the 'Test Socket' to rule out any issues with the face plate ?





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thanks for completely ignoring the fact some members of your team are taking advantage of elderly customers.....


nothing to say on this? not even an apology?